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Inside the dome is purple lightning everywhere, some lightning bolts thin as a hair, while others are thicker than my arm and center of everything, is Rachel, who is still covered in the purple fog sitting in the center without any harm.

These things did not shock me as they were a common sight for a few days, the thing shocked me it pure white wings that seemed to appear behind her.

The wings behind her looked sacred as they are the epitome of holiness, and nothing could taint the holiness from them, but holiness is not only feeling they are emitting, there is something dangerous about them.

As if one had done unlawful or Evil, they will bring down the wrath of God with them.

Just looking at them made me worship them and fear them at the same time, this is the first time I am feeling something like this.

As I kept watching them, I did not see any change in condition, but suddenly a change occurred. The purple lightning that was being around dome started to change their shapes; they began to change into the runes and Ancient runes at


I was shocked to see that, but suddenly I noticed, I was a couple of steps behind from where I was, and my body was completely filled with sweat that my clothes had drenched in it.

'What had happened?' I asked myself before understanding what had happened. I kept looking at the lightning Ancient Runes runes since the mysterious forcefield between us protected me.

But I did not notice that these runes had scared me without me knowing as I unknowingly took a couple of steps back, and my whole body had drenched in the sweat.

I took a couple of deep breaths and controlled my emotions before looking at the lighting again, which is turning into the Ancient Runes, this time I especially kept focused on myself while looking at Ancient Runes.

As I am doing that, I noticed invisible fear creeping into me spreading all over my mind, which in turn shook my body slightly and willed me to take a step back. I am shocked to step back.

I am shocked, if I were not focusing on myself, I would have again taken a couple of steps back without my knowledge. These Ancient Runes were really dangerous even with the protection of a mysterious forcefield, the runes still affected me.

I focused and controlled myself sharply and stopped myself from taking a step back, though I was able to stop myself from taking action back, I was not able to stop myself sweating unreasonably.

I can not do anything about it; I do not have this much control over my body that I could stop this unreasonable sweat. The sweat is from the fear I had for the mighty Ancient runes, which I barely able to control myself.

Ting Ting Ting…

As I was watching lighting turning into the runes when my holowatch started to ring up. I activated the call without looking at it.

"Why has everything turned, Blur?" A melodious yet cold voice came out from the other end, "The Lightning had started to transform int

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