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"How is it?"

I asked as both sisters opened their eyes, the result I could clearly sense from and by the overflowing happiness in their eyes.

"Our Totem Artifacts have improved by leaps and bounds, thank you, Micheal, for the Mold," Raina said, and soon she took out her Totem Artifact.

It is still a snow white Rapier with the Ribbon, but now it has become even more delicate and sharper than before when I look at it, I feel a tingle rise all over my body, this clearly mean that the blade of her Totem Artifact is sharp enough to threaten me.

Seeing her sister taking out her sword, Sophia had also taken out her Totem Sword. Her falchion had become a little longer, and fire pattern had become more pronounced that made her sword look like it is burning.

"Micheal, I can't sense your level, but you are surely not at Lieutenant, now show us your Totem Artifact!" Sophia asked, just as she asked that Rachel and Sophia looked at me, clearly wanting me to show them my totem Artifact.

"You guys should take a few steps back!" I said. I have no problem showing them my totem Artifact, it's just that they will be quite shocked when they see it.

They looked very baffled by my strange request, Rachel even arched her eyebrow in askance, but I smiled at her, seeing I am not willing to answer, she took steps back with twins after giving me a small glare.


With them out of the danger range and I summoned out my Totem Artifact, and like always, it came out with Bang.

All of their eyes popped out when they saw my sword; they had a look of unbelievability in their eyes. It can be understandable, as they have seen me using the light sword with speed as their preference, but with this sword, everything has changed.

I will have to make quite changes in my fighting style if I want to accommodate this sword and use it at 100%.

I have given it some thoughts and decided to accommodate this sword, I will make some changes in my fighting style, but I will not change my core, speed is and will always be the core of my fighting style, and now I will just have to modify a little so that it could accommodate the Raw Power in it.

"What is this, Monstrosity!" Sophia said out loud as she looked at my Greatsword, "There was some accident when I was crafting my sword." I said sheepishly, which made three of them look at me, this excuse is quite poor as the design of a sword depends on oneself and other factors could not do much about it unless they are too powerful.

"Your sword is Magnificent!" Raina praised as she looked at the sword carefully, especially the 'The Badge' in the center of the Guard, where Mark of Abomination is stamped.

"Can I try lifting it?" Sofia asked suddenly as she came closer to me; I was stumped at first before a smile appeared on my face, "You can try!" I said and handed her the Grip.

"So heavy!" Sophia said in shock just as I handed her the sword, the sword was on the ground, so one could move

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