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"Don't worry; my mother will go to the Capital to craft the potion for your parents." Rachel said assuringly, hearing that a happy smile appeared on my face.

My parents had been stuck in the specialist stage far, far too long, being in the Specialist stage had impeded them from doing many things. Still, with the potion created by the WWhite Grade Origin Water, they will have no problem in reaching the Peak Knight and even increase their talent by quite a margin, which might also help them in leveling up to the Lord Stage.

Rachel soon called her mother, and like her sister, she also took an hour telling her mother everything about the ritual, by the end of the call, she had asked her mother concocting the potion for my parents, her mother was very skeptical first, but she explained her relationship with me, her mother readily agreed.

"Boyfriend." I said when she cut the call, "Don't you dare to call yourself that, you still owe me a date." she said immediately with glaring eyes, but I did not mind as I am so happy that I am smiling ear to ear.

Just when she was talking to her mother, she had identified me as her boyfriend, who had really surprised me as she had forbidden me to call her my 'Girlfriend' till I take her on a date.

Last week's time was more than enough for me to make prepartions, I had already decided to take her on the date in a few days.

Tring Tring…

I was talking to Rachel when my holowatch buzzed, and when I looked down, I saw it is Kayla who is calling me, seeing I click on the accept.

"Micheal, have you felt it. That feeling was a complete terror, it came just for a moment, but it had brought the whole city into chaos." Kayla said without stopping, her voice full of fear, there was literally shudder in her eyes.

"What feeling?" I asked, faintly having an idea what she is talking about, but I still asked her.

"You must be outside the city when it was felt," she said before she started explaining. "Two hours ago, a terrifying feeling enveloped the city, it had lasted for a simple moment, but it had frozen everyone for minutes!"

"It was so terrifying that I wasn't able to think properly for minutes, not only me but the whole city had felt the same," she said. I could feel a deep shudder though her voice as if she is still reliving that experience.

'I thought so!' I said in my heart, the terrifying aura that came out of Rachel had spread through the city, stopping everyone on their tracks, it had terrified people so much that they were no one able to think for a few minutes properly.

Compared to them; I had stayed under than feeling for a moment as Ashlyn had woken me up from the fear of that terrifying aura, others were not so lucky.

"Had any casualties occurred due to this?" I asked, Rachel is listening to my conversation with Kayla, and hearing what I said, she is furiously typing on her holowatch.

I hope no one had died in the accident; otherwise, Rachel would feel to

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