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My body has reached the limit of Grey Energy it can handle, if there is even a slight increase in the grey energy then I would directly dissipate, I would not even have a chance to scream.

I paled seeing my condition and started to shake literally as there is quite some time before I could reach the 4th major cleansing, which could give me some respite from this grey energy.

I was in despair when I saw the Purple shine cooling off the snake, and its pure purple body had become even more apparent, and it is now clearly looking like a real baby snake.


Suddenly I noticed something and a gasp of ecstasy came out of my mouth as I guided the snake toward the raging River of Grey energy. This snake had just finished its mutation and got the ability to eat grey energy.

I was hoping it would get such an ability, but seeing how all going south till now, I do not think something like would happen, but it has happened.

Soon the snake had reached the raging river of grey energy and started eating it, it's speed was slower than when it was eating Milky White energy and I felt a little sad about it but what can I do, it had become capable of eating Grey is more than what I had wished for.

It kept eating the energy, and as it eats, it kept progressing, and when I saw the speed of progress, I was a little shocked as despite eating less grey energy, its speed of progress is five three times faster than when it was eating the milky white energy.

I am very happy seeing this as with each breakthrough, it's the speed of eating will also increase by little.

Its eating continued, but there is no sign of a breakthrough, the energy it had eaten till now would have been more than enough for it to make the breakthrough into the Peak of Lieutenant stage but this time, it's not alone to make a breakthrough, there are Ashlyn and me.

It will have to collect the energy for three of us, and this time there are no worries about not having enough energy, there are unlimited energies as long it can eat, it will have energies.

Time passed by, and soon, it had collected enough energies that it could make us all level up with it. Without wasting any time, I guided it to initiate level up.

Just as I guided it, It dissolved into a massive wave of purple energy that started to spread through my body, as it did, it had separated into a small part of itself and sent it toward Ashlyn.

I could feel my strength rising as I level up, my body is getting stronger, my soul is getting firmer, seeing that, a smile couldn't help but come over me as it will help me greatly against the grey energy.


I was smiling ecstatically, seeing my progress when I again felt a threatening feeling again, and the next moment, the quantity of grey energy in my body had increased again.

I had just got some breathing space, but that cold gust came at me and brought it all down to ruin, now grey energy again had reached the limit of my body aga

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