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I am falling down, and the worst thing is, I don't have energy in me to stop myself from going down this hole.

My physical body had great strength, and getting out of this scenario I am in would not have been much of a problem for me, but ever since I had entered the forbidden ground, all my strength had been zapped, and I felt like I have become the normal person that I've been three years ago.

It had been a minute since I had been falling down, but I hadn't reached the end yet, on the way I had tried to hold on to something, anything that I could get my hands on, but I hadn't been successful even once.

As I was falling deeper, I started to feel the suppression around me increasing. I paled feeling that. The world tear for this forbidden ground is in the underground, and if this tunnel is dragging me there, then I am dead.

I had just been able to run away from the wolf's claws and looks like now I am directly moving into the tiger's mouth.

The feeling of despair started to rise in me, and with it came the desperation. I began to stop my fall desperately, trying to pick whatever I could, I even tried to latch onto sharp rocks, but all my efforts turned wasteful.

The speed of my falling to great and with the energy I have in me, I could not be able to hold on to any rocks.

I even tried calling Ashlyn, but she seemed to be in deep slumber, my calls went deaf to her ears.

Baang bang bang...

Time passed, and I started to fall deeper and deeper, crashing across hundreds of Rocks and other things on the way. The only thing I could do is protect my head and let the Origin water present in me heal my injuries.

It was a good thing I had drank the Origin Water before I fell into this tunnel, if not then I would have died by the sheer number of injuries, I am incurring.


Suddenly my body shook uncontrollably, and cold sweat drenched my back when I felt that familiar feeling coming across me again, and this time, that feeling was greater than before.

I immediately spread my sense into my body and saw that the shining grey energy had increased three times in size and now degraded my body at an even faster speed, and the worst thing is, the Violet Grade Energy which's healing speed was barely faster than the injuring speed of the Grey energy had became utterly ineffective.

The damage of Grey energy had far surpassed its healing speed of Origin water that I had drank, and I now have less than ten seconds to live, I could clearly see my body becoming grey at visible speed.

In the last moments of death, I was feeling all sorts of emotions and regrets about the things I would not be able to do anymore; there are many things that I wanted to do and many heights I h

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