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I have a slight amount of mana in my body, just enough to use the one-step of my skywalking skill. I will have to use that jump proficiently, and I had already decided on the way I am going to use it then one step.

But before I do all that I have a very important thing to do, which is to collect some stuff.

I walked a few steps swiftly and started to collect the poop that Sphere had popped out earlier. That AbominationAbomination had sucked a shit load of resources of forbidden ground, though the main essence is with me, this forty-seven jelly-like Metallic poop will also have some part of all the resources it had sucked away.

There is no need to guess about their value, they are incredibly precious, and I am not leaving anything behind it.

It took me a second to collect all and put them in my storage ring, after collecting all the poop, I was about to act on my plan to leave when I noticed something not far away from me.

I really don't want to take the risk of staying in this cavern for more than a moment but I still took the risk and collected that thing I saw, it is very important to me and will surely increase my strength.


After collecting that thing, I looked up at the hole and took the jump with every bit of my strength and was quite surprised by the momentum I had got. I had already calculated my increased strength, but I had not guessed it had increased this much.

I had thought I had strength somewhere close to Five Star Silver Elite but now I am sure it is somewhat close to Six Star Silver Elite at the least.

Seeing such momentum of my jump, I am very happy as before I was still worried about being able to reach the hole or not, but now I don't have to worry about it as It will reach it.

\"Its Time!\"

I said when I found the momentum of the jump is lessening and I will start to fall in second. So, I collected all the mana I have in every part of my body and used that to activate the sky walking skill.


With the thud, I again used all the power of my body and pushed on the base I had just created through Skywalking skill and shot toward the hole of the cavern.

I was a few meters away from reaching the hole when I saw a huge rock falling from it, and it is directly coming at me. I paled seeing that Rock.

This is my only chance to reach the hole; if I missed it, I would have to wait till I found the proper method to use the Refinement Engine, which might take a lot of time, and at that time, anything could happen.

The grey energy which had sucked apart by AbominationAbomination could also come back and fill the cavern again.

I have already seen the terror of that grey energy, and even after a change in me, I have no confidence in dealing with it if it attacked me with the same amount so that it will be better; I made no contact with it.

So, I can not let this fucking Rock destroy my chances to escape, I have to deal with it, and I have already thought of the

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