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The creature in front of me is the most horrifying being I have ever seen, in the books, movies I have seen many terrifying things but not as terrifying as this.

It had the near-circular center of hundred meters, and from there, thousands of tentacles came out. Its center (Head) is abominations, there is a large vertical mouth, which covered nearly all the center and both sides of the mouth had hundreds of eyes.

This is just the starting; if it had been this, I would not have shaken to the core.

The most horrifying part is its tentacles, they are spiky, and each tentacle had at least ten eyes and mouths, from which slobber could be seen coming out endlessly.

When one looks at the complete form of the creature, they will find their spine-tingling in the cold sweat, and they are taking steps back unconsciously to get away from this Abomination.

I also wanted to do that, but I can't as I am again being bound by this Abomination, which made it impossible for me to move.

\"Zrrrrt Zrrrrt Zrrrrt Zrrrrt…\"

It suddenly started to let out weird, jarring noise as it concentrated thousands of eyes at me and chomped its teeth at me; it had even leaked a fraction of the aura, which had instantly made an appearance on my soul.

'It is torturing me; It is torturing me with fear and helplessness.' I thought. If it wanted, it could finish me off within a second, but it is still in the mood of taking its sweet time in torturing me till all the hope vanishes from my eyes, to make me feel helpless and despair.

It will never have its wish full; I will have hope in my heart till I take my last breath and will fight against it till the end despite knowing I am less than an ant in front of it.

The Abomination is slowly coming at me, and with each step it took, the weird, jarring noise it let out would increase, and so its aura.

With its aura, I am already hanging by a thread as thousands of cracks had already appeared on my soul, and the only reason it had not broken apart and fell was because of the protection of glow in my heart.

It is getting stronger and stronger with each onslaught it bore, but I think it will soon reach its limit, and the aura of the Abomination getting stronger and stronger. Now even if there were no bindings on me, I don't think I will be able to twitch my finger when I drown in such aura.

It kept coming closer and closer to me, with each step more and more fine cracks started to appear on my soul, that I felt like even a tiny touch would break it, but it did not, my soul bore the onslaught despite being on the verge of exploding.

Time passed by, and finally, the Abomination is directly in front of me, and I am in shock, the shock because I had survived. I had not expected I would survive under the aura of Abomination when it came this close to me.

My soul now has hundreds of thousands of cracks on it, these cracks are thinner than the hair, and they are spread in every point of my soul

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