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Finally, the 4th Major Cleansing is over, and now it is time to craft my totem artifact. It will be a little difficult to craft it while still performing the Body Cleansing Exercise, but I am up for the challenge.


I did not waste any time and take out the Furnace; it made the splashing sound as it appeared on the lake. The Milky While Origin water in the lake is shallow but it is still able to drown the Furnace by the inch.

If it had been any other liquid, I would not have been able to craft the Artifact but this is the Milky While Liquid which is the Origin Water of the highest Grade, its grade is so that even Guild has given us no information about it.


After taking out the Furnace, I took a jump on the top of the Runic circle where I should be while performing the Body Cleansing Exercise. After jumping on it, I started to take out one material after another and threw them at their respective Runic circles.

This might have seemed easy, but it is extremely difficult; I have to throw stuff this way that it will not impede my performing of Body Cleansing Exercise.

Finally, I placed the last energy crystals on its places; I am using powerful energy crystals that I found in the Ruin, though there is no need to use them as their energy way, way to higher what I needed to craft my Artifact.

I would not even need 0.001% of its energy; these energy crystals are very high grade; I should be lucky to be able to find a few.

For the crafting of the Totem Artifact, I need everything to be perfect as I am already missing one ingredient, I hope the Origin Water substitute for that material is crafted perfectly.


I took a sigh and activated the formation on the Furnace with a minute amount of Mana I could utilize.

The formation lit up, and soon, the crafting started, and to my surprise, it was fast. I don't know if it is because of the Origin Water surrounding it or the place I am in; I am happy it is going fast.

It usually took eight to ten hours to craft the artifact, but looking at the speed it is going, I think the process should be able to finish in three to four hours.

The material on the Furnace started melting one by one; I could see each of the material is getting tempered by the Origin Water as it melts, the origin water is not only helping in better tempering of the materials, it also helps in removing all the impurities present in the material.

I could see the colored smoke of the impurities rising from the materials as the materials started to get purer and purer. Seeing that, my eyes couldn't help but shine, the purer the materials are, the greater power the artifact will wield.

One hour has passed as such, and all the materials have been melted, now they are coming closer and closer to each other to be merged into one.

In this one hour, my totem artifact crafting is not the only thing that had progressed; inside me, the little cute snake had also eaten quite

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