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"Will it make my Totem Artifact powerful?" she asked instantly, Raina, on the other hand, shook her head seeing her sister's behavior, she had clearly read my expressions and knew how easily her sister fell into my traps.

"Of course, I guarantee you with this Mold, your artifact will become double powerful," I said.

"Legs go, I want to assimilate it into my Totem Artifact as soon as possible." She said and stood up to walk toward the Training Hall, but seeing I am still sitting, she looked at me glaringly.

"You have to do one thing for me before I tell you the method?" I said casually while bringing Rachel closer, who was sitting in my lap. "What is it?" she finally sensed something and looked at me with little guarded eyes.

"Nothing, you just have to Apologize for all the disturbances caused when we were making out and promise you will not disturb us when you see us making out in the future," I said.

Rachel rolled her hearing before she melded into my chest as she looked at Sophia with a smile whose features have become quite comic, even her sister couldn't help but smile at her sister's condition.

Suddenly Sophie's expression turned a little angry, and she opened the mouth to say something, but she stopped herself and quickly eased her angry expression and put on a bright smile which clearly before looking straight into my eyes.

"Michael I am sorry for disturbing your makeout with Rachel all the time, and I promise I will never do that again!" she said, though there is a bright smile on her face, I feel glare from her eyes which had turned slightly red, for one second I even felt like I might burn to cinder under her gaze.

"Good, let's eat breakfast first, I will tell you the method after that," I said and asked Rachel to sit beside me as I went to bring the breakfast.

The breakfast went smooth, we laughed and talked, the only one who did not talk much was Sophia, who is still glaring at me.

"Now we have finished breakfast, can you tell me the Method now?" Sophia said impatiently after we finished our breakfast. "Sure, Let's go to the Training Hall, I will carve it to your furnace," I said, hearing that Sophia got happy and we all walked toward the big Training Hall.

"Raina, you also take out your furnace, I have an extra mold for you too," I said to Raina as I took another mold from my storage, she opened her mouth to say something, but when she saw my expressions, she quietly nodded.

Thud! Thud!

Both of them took out their furnace and placed their opposite side training hall against each other, since they practice abilities that opposed each other, it is better for them.

After they took out their furnaces, I walked toward them and started to modify the Emperor Grade Totem Blueprint carved on them. The method had come with the Totem Artifact knowledge, so It is very easy to modify the blueprint to accommodate a small method, within twenty minutes I finished the Modifications.

"You g

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