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The Abomination froze on its spot, not even having energy take a step. I was shocked seeing this and wanted to take a look back, but I could not as the invisible restrictions still had not released me.

I was waiting for next after seeing it frozen on the spot when I felt a huge suction, like previous Cold this sucking did not affect me; it just affected the Abomination.

I could see the pieces of it breaking away from the main body before they sucked behind, its tentacles falling apart, some pieces of its mouth also fell apart before they got sucked away.

It now looked even more hideous than before; I felt like I would have nightmares about it seeing how hideous it had become.


Suddenly I fell on the ground with a thud as the tentacle which was holding me also had been sucked apart. After falling to the ground, I wanted to look back to see the origin of the sucking force, but I found I am bound in the Invisible restrictions.

I stayed at my place like a statue as I watched the Abomination fall into pieces before it got sucked apart by the suction behind me with relish. I had tortured me to the core; I am very happy seeing sucked apart piece by piece.

It had been just a few minutes since the suction had started, but more than half of its body had already disappeared while the other half was disappearing at the visible speed.


Some more time passed, and now only less than 5% of its body had remained, all the tentacles had disappeared, and only a small part of it had remained. I was watching its body fall apart when I saw a fist-size dark shadow come out of it and disappeared; it happened so fast that even I am sure whether it is truth or hallucination.

But I hope it is a hallucination; I don't want any part of that Abomination to remain alive, I hope every little part gets crushed painfully by that suction.

Soon all the parts of Abomination sucked apart, and I was about to look back to the thing that absolutely crushed the Abomination when I found scenery in front of me changed.

I found myself back in the cavern and was shocked to find no tentacles are latching on my body, and with it, I found the Grey energy and Milky White Origin energy in my body also disappeared.

Soon I got another shock, and that is that I could sense the Metallic liquid inside me, and If I willed it, I could create a totem artifact with it. I wanted to destroy it so much, to destroy it; I will just have to initiate my level up, and it will automatically be discarded out of my body, but I did not.

There is quite a chance that the Abomination is still alive, as what I had seen earlier might be the truth, that some part of it was able to successfully run away and now is hiding inside this metallic mold.

This ball of metallic mold is an absolute treasure which is made from the essence of all the precious things; I am confident that the resources it sucked were more than enough to create totem artifacts of the wh

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