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With the gritted teeth, I let the wave of the aura wash over me. As it came over me, I realized that it is far more powerful than I had expected, I had underestimated its power, but there is nothing I could do knowing it, and that would have done nothing if I had known it would happen.

Crack Crack Crack…

Due to the power of the aura wave, cracks started to form on my soul; I felt my thoughts speed slowing down with my soul getting injured and overwhelming pain crashing into me.

Though there is damage, I endured it and let the aura wave wash through my soul. Finally, the aura wave washed over me while leaving my soul injured, but soon I found the serious soul damage is healing on its own.

I was quite shocked seeing that, I was already shocked seeing me bearing such a dangerous aura and surviving, and now this healing power of soul, though the healing speed is very slow, it is still healing which is shocking.

If I had gone through such an attack three days ago, my soul would have shattered into the fine powder, but with the baptism I had gone through earlier had made my Soul lot stronger and firmer.

I did not receive another attack of the aura wave till my soul healed, except for enduring growing pressure of its power, it had not attacked, but just as my soul healed, another attack of aura wave had come, seeing that I had become sure that it was toying with me.

Wave after wave of aura attacked me with each wave being stronger than previous. Each wave would injure my soul and give me torturous pain before waiting for my soul to heal and attacking again just after that.

I kept enduring the attacks with every bit of my willpower till that moment came, that moment came when it had crossed the height of two hundred meters, and the quality of its aura changed again.

It had become even more powerful, and that exact moment, my soul healed from the last attack, and I saw another aura wave coming.

This wave is smaller than all the other waves but also more saturated, seeing it, my heart started to beat faster and faster, and I instinctively started to imagine my unbreakable soul breaking under this aura.

This aura wave feels too strong and this time I am not sure if I will be able to bear it or not, but one thing is I am sure that I will endure this wave-like all the previous, as for I will be able to survive against it or not only time will tell.

Crack Crack Crack…

The cracks started to spread through my body just as the aura wave touched me, and I felt hellish pain that wanted to send to the oblivion. Though it wanted to send me there, I don't have any wish to go.

So, I kept enduring despite more and more cracks forming on my soul till all my soul filled with the crack that it could shatter any moment.


Suddenly an unknown feeling came over me and I opened my mouth and let out a roar, it was a total instinctive reaction. I know my end has come, but I don't want to go

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