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When I opened my eyes the next morning, I found Rachel staring at me; usually, it is me who woke up first, but today she did, which is quite surprising and interesting.

"I love you."

I said suddenly; it came out of my mouth without me knowing. I was planning on saying something else, but this sentence had come out without me knowing.

The time of our relationship is too short, but in such a short moment, my feelings toward her developed so much. I do not regret saying it; I just wished I had said it in a more romantic place rather than the bed.

Rachels expression stilled hearing 'I Love You.', I should have waited for some time before saying it, but such words just got out of my mouth without me knowing, it is like my heart said those words without consulting my mind.

I begin to feel worried and see her stilled and about to say something to break the atmosphere when I see teardrops falling from her eyes.

"I Love You too!"

She said and kissed me with her tear strained face. I could taste some of her tears that come under our lips, but I did not mind it one bit as the happiness I am feeling, I wouldn't mind even if someone kicked me and punched me right.

I am feeling very happy, most happy I've ever been in my life. I wasn't even this happy when I received the Inheritance Crystal form the Grand Palace or The Mysterious Garden I saw a few days ago; no treasure could compare to the words that Rachel had just said right.

We continued kissing for a while before Rachel got to the top of me and smiled at me wickedly, seeing that smile, a smile blossomed on my face as I knew what was going to happen next.


Two hours later, I got off Rachel breathing heavily; completely exhausted; in just two hour nearly all my energy was sapped completely. I would have lasted for more if I hadn't spent half a night doing it yesterday.

"I love you!"

Rachel said as nestled into me, our bodies are completely sweaty, but I did not mind. The piece I felt having her near me is something else; nothing compares to it.

We laid on our bed for a while before we got up as all the intense activity of the night, and the morning had made us quite hungry, and if we want to continue, then we will have to eat something to get the energy.

We showered in our separate bathrooms for some privacy before we started to cook. Rachel usually did not help me when I cooked, but today she did to the best of her ability.

We cooked and ate before we sat together on the couch, talking about everything.

Time passed by, and it had been eight days since I got my late birthday present. Since then, Rachel and I can't seem to take our hands off each other and bodies apart.

We did it in every place in our apartment, hall, living room, our separate rooms, guest room, kitchen, training room, everyone; we would start at the moment notice and continue for hours.

It is not like we just did that do nothing, we trained, not as much as

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