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"Finally!" I muttered silently as I crossed Mariana Hill's. As I finally crossed that hill range, I found that my heartbeat, which was speeding wildly for all this time, had finally calmed down a little.

We have got out of Mariana Hill's, but we aren't out of the danger; yes, the outskirts are also fairly dangerous with many Nine Star Elite roaming in it; it would be plain idiotic if I hand them over to someone in this dangerous area.

It would like taking them out of Tigers' mouths and throwing them at the Crocodiles. I would not make such mistakes. After a few minutes of flying, I increased my speed suddenly; they all got confused by it but did not ask any question. They followed behind me unhesitatingly

An hour passed and I led them out of the dangerous area, and unlike last time, this time I did not have to search for the team of humans, just as I got out of the dangerous area, I found them entering my range.

It was quite a strong team, led by Eight Star Silver Elite they seemed to be going to the outskirts of Mariana Hills.


I said as I appeared in front of them like a ghost, the leader wanted to say something, but soon he heard the sound and found people were appearing behind me one by one till their numbers had reached a hundred.

"Would you guys help me with the Minor Task?" I asked and explained what I want. I did not have to explain much before they agreed, the merit points for this simple work are immense, and they will just have to spend half a day on it.

Ten minutes later, I saw the people I rescued, leaving with the Eight Star Silver Elite and its team. Seeing them leaving, I felt an indescribable feeling rise inside me, which I can't explain adequately.

I have felt this feeling very few times, but every time it comes, I feel happy as it felt to me with life, and for some reason, I always associate it with the Killing Rule despite knowing the killing Rule is the exact opposite of it and quite pale in front of it.

It is like killing Rule is just a small fire spark, and this feeling is a lake full of water; they are the exact opposite, but the difference of quality and level between them is also very great.

I closed my eyes for a second before opening them with a sigh of disappointment.

"It will reveal itself in time!" I said softly before and turned back and flew back toward the Mariana Hills at high speed.

Time passed as minutes turned to hours before hour turned to days and such twelve days had passed since I've left the city, now only two days had remained, not even two days, one and half days to be exact.

I can't wait to go back to the city and spend some time with Rachel as strangely, I am feeling like our days together are counted.

I couldn't help but shake my head at such thought; it is my little paranoid nature. Whenever something good happened to me, I felt it would go away.

Today is the thirteenth day of my mission; half-day has already passed. In the m

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