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I know I am the danger, and it is not a normal danger, and it is a danger that will take my life without me being able to resist.

I did not have to sense where the danger came from as my killing Rule had automatically locked on it. It is a Wolfman Tribe Golden Elite, it is very bloody, but there is a proud expression on its face as in front of it is a decapitated body of the human.

It is now looking at me with extremely thick killing intent; I knew it had noticed my killing and would come at me any moment. seeing that I activated instant blast without much thought and shot toward the nearest human Golden Elite.

Even with the power of Instant Blast, I know my chances of running away are near zero and I did not have a trump card that could help me deal with Golden Elite, so the only thing I could do is run toward the Human Golden Elite and hole I will be saved.

Seeing me running away, Golden Elite Werewolf laughed fiendishly as it stored the body of humans it killed quickly before shooting toward me.

My face placed seeing its speed as I knew it would catch up to me before I could reach the nearest Golden Elite. Still, knowing I could die any moment, I sped up and about to overdraft the Occult Energy for more speed when suddenly something drastic happened, which stopped me on my track.


The Golden Elite werewolf, which was just fifty meters behind me, was split into two. It was so sudden that I did not understand how it happened for a few seconds.

Someone has saved me and it is someone I know, or I may say I am a little familiar with. It is Vice Guildmaster Sylvian, the one who had handed me the Mission of Mariana Hill a few weeks ago.

When I was running front the Grimm Monsters, Vice Guild master was flying above, and when his gaze fell on the Grimm Monsters, he casually swung his sword and werewolf was split into two.

The Vice Guild Master did not save me intentionally; It is like how I killed any Grimm Monster that came into my way, and if my killing Grimm Monster saved anyone, then that is just incentive. Still, I carved this saving in my heart and repay it if I ever got a chance in my life.

'A Golden Elite died just like that.' I thought as I looked at the body of Werewolf that it was split into two and still bleeding. The Golden Elite, which was supposed to be invincible on the battlefield, had died just like that, in hand, another stronger Golden Elite.


I sighed and again extended my senses for Golden Elite around me, so I could start killing again when I saw something. My face fell, and I immediately activated the instant Blast and spent toward it.

I am speeding toward a Grimm Monster that is killing humans indiscriminately; it is not a Golden Elite but infinity close to it, which made barely any human its opponent, which is why it is slaughtering humans around it like chicken.

"Die Human!" said the Crimson Eyes Hyenaman and swung its claw at the human who is shaking a

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