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"Finally dead!" I said breathlessly as I saw the body of Grimm Monster falling on to the ground. This Grimm Monster was extremely tough, even after wearing Swirling Armor, I had to bear serious injuries to kill it.


I gulped down a potion to heal my injuries before I started to collect the bodies of a hundred of Grimm Monsters littered around me. Except for three who I killed, the rest of them killed by Ashlyn.

The camps in the Deeper part of Mariana Hills are really hard to break, each one of these camps have the strong powerhouse that to beat it, even I have to spend considerable efforts.

The camp I had just destroyed had one toughest opponent, in this camp, there were three Grimm Monsters that had a power level above the Silver Elites, and to kill them, I had spent quite a effort and have even got seriously injured in the process.

After I collected bodies of Grimm Monsters, I walked into Abode, only to see a view of human suffering. No matter how many times I see it, it still feels painful to see them in that condition.

I quickly brought them out of abode, cleaned them, fed them, and clothed them before I started to bring them out of the Mariana Hills. This will likely be the last group of humans I will save and as with this group as I am returning to Milford.

It had already been eighteen days since I had come to Mariana Hill for the Mission, and to be honest, I am missing the city, especially Rachel, who will also return by evening to tomorrow from her mission.

My speed is greater than normal as I am leading them, I did not have to worry about any Grimm Monsters as Ashlyn is killing all of them.

In the Mariana Hills, the only powerhouse I worry about is the Golden Elites; only Golden Elites pose a threat to me while those below Golden Elite are within a range of what I can handle.

I did not even fear those who are at the Edge of Golden Elite, as long as Ashlyn as I fought against it together, killing that level of powerhouse would not be a problem.


I was just thinking about the Golden Elites when I sensed faint yet powerful fluctuation. There seems to be Battle is going near me and sensing the fluctuation, I can conclude that it is the Golden Elites that are fighting.

I wanted to continue my journey, but I somehow found myself stopping, and with me, others also had stopped. "You guys stay here, I will go deal with the Grimm Monster that is coming at us," I said and flew away without hearing the reply of others.

I have only seen Grimm Monster fight once, and that time, my level was too low at that time to understand their strength fully, but now I am close to reaching Golden Elite, and it would be great for me if I could see their strength, so I have a clear goal in my mind.

I slowly moved toward the power fluctuation and found out I am not the only one doing the same. I spotted some Grimm Monsters and humans also inching closer. The danger is too great but also the temptat

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