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Crack Crack Crack...

It had been so long I have heard this noise, but as I heard, I felt like all my wishes had come true. The Secret Method is finally about to make a breakthrough into the 3rd Transformation.

Seeing that I will reach 3rd transformation in a few seconds, I used every bit of energy, and I have to speed up my performing of Body Cleansing Technique and Supreme Combat Exercise.

I want to use this chance to go through the Major Cleansing and Amethyst Seal; the chances of two of them reaching are quite slim, but if I tried my all then, I might be able to do that.

I practiced these two methods with everything and made my body strain so much that I started to bleed, but I did not care, it is a chance that rarely comes across, and I am not going to miss it for little strain.

Crack Crack Crack… Bang

Finally, the layer over my soul had been blasted apart with the Bang, and everything in front of me turned black before I found myself in a completely different place.


This place now feels a lot more solid, and the feeling of stability it gave is a lot stronger than the two times I had been here. It is likely due to a change in my soul, I thought.

I looked around for a few seconds before I summoned my Swirling Armor and started to spin the swirls on it till it reached the 0.1 inches of compactness.

0.1 is the limit of my Swirling Armor, and it will only be able to provide me power in Silver Elite Stage; it will become utterly useless once I become a Golden Elite.

So, to make it useful in the Golden Elite stage, I will have to overhaul its design, which is a hard, very hard thing to do as the current design is very sophisticated; it is made by constant refinement in design.

To be honest, this design is best; if it had the aid of the Runic Formation, then it would be the absolute terror that even Golden Elite would turn into mist by its single attack.

I do not have the runic formation with me which will be suitable for my swirling Armor. Even if I had, it would be useless because to use Runic formation, the amount of energy required is abyssal. Currently, I do not have even 1% of the energy that is required to run the Runic formation, so there is no question of using Runic Formation.

I dismantled the Swirling Armor and summoned out the images I've comprehended from the drop of Blood. That fucking abomination had sucked both of drops of Blood; otherwise, I would have comprehended a lot more Images than I currently.

I continue to work on Armor, adding different types of ideas and inspiration I had, but no matter how much I tried, I got nothing. The best possible result I got was comparable to my swirling Armor, and it was a lot more complicated to make than the swirling Armor.

I shook my head in defeat before I summoned the swirling Armor again and started to go over the flaws of the new move I had created. I had already fixed some of its flaws in the past few days, and I hope t

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