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I called twins to hear about the news first hand as it is Raven City they are posted, but I got no answer from them, the twins are unreachable, so is Leo and Rachel, who is in the same city with them. 'They must have gone out.' I thought as I closed the window of the holowatch after leaving a short message with them.

I did not think about their reason for not picking up; people go out for missions, which take weeks even a month, depending on what type of Mission they have got. I've already left them a message; they will call when they come back.

After reading the news, I closed my eyes and immersed my consciousness into my storage ring and started to sort out the Storage space of Grimm Monsters I've accumulated.

There are too many of them, and I will have to spend some time sorting all of the stuff inside, but I am not annoyed as It is one of the things I like doing the most. For me, each store is a treasure chest, which will bring out lots of different things, and if I am lucky, then I might get some rare and precious things that I needed.

Time passes by as I continue to open storage; for some time, there is a smile on my face, and that is because I found something very rare in the storage of Grimm Monster.

It is a perfect thing, it is not very useful to me now, but it will be in the future, as I kept sorting the Storages, I kept finding many interesting things, but they all were not as exciting as the thing I had found earlier.

I was sorting out storages when I heard the sound of footsteps when I opened my eyes and looked back; I saw Rachel coming toward me. She is wearing different sleepwear than usual which left very little to imagination.

"Kiss Me!"

I had just opened my mouth to say something when she cut me off and sat on my lap, and the next moment we started kissing hungrily as our lives depended on it. Rachel is always aggressive when it comes to what she wants, but today she is extra.

There is not only extra lodging in her kiss but also a feeling of remembrance; it feels like she wants to carve a memory of me inside her, which is why her hands are never in one place since we started kissing, they are roaming everywhere on my body.

At some point, we have gone half-naked, she had taken out my shirt while I her flimsy clothing.

She looked like a goddess in lingerie that I just wanted to worship every part of her; she is just too enchanting that I wanted to get lost in her.

"What was that?" I asked Rachel who was below me on the couch, "Nothing, I had just missed you a lot." she said with a smile, I could feel she is hiding something in that smile, but I did not care to ask her, she will tell me when she will need me to.

"Will you go on a date with me today?" I asked suddenly, shocking myself and her at the same time, every time I had planned a date something had happened, this time I had asked her spontaneously without making any plans.

The shock stayed on her face for less than a s

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