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It is the evening of the second day since I had entered the Garden, I have been continuously practicing the Body Cleansing Exercise and Sword since yesterday.

Except for taking a four-hour break to eat and sleep, I am continuously practicing. Though I am very tired by such continuous practice, I did not want to stop as it is giving me absolute benefits.

I've reached the absolute Peak of Nine Star Silver Elite and as long as I get a big push, I will be able to go beyond that, but I don't think I will get that big push here as the Suppressive Energy had already lost its effects on me, if I want to get more benefits then I will have to take that step.

I am now practicing five meters away from the entrance of the Cavern; if I were to take a step further than that, then I would have to bear that crushing pressure, which will turn me into a fine paste in three-second, so it is furthest I could go.

I am not sad though, this place has given me more than what I could hope for, I am already at the absolute peak of the Nine Star Silver Elite, and now I just need a big push to go further, and I have already a way for that which is Yellow Thorn Peach.

I am confident that even if I ate it directly, I would be able to cross break through the Nine Star Silver Elite and reach a level that is between Silver Elite and Golden Elite. Still, I will not eat it directly; I want to make the potion out of it, which will provide me more benefits than eating it directly.

I am currently at an important junction of Body Cleansing Exercise; I am performing the 108th pose of 5th move. If I crossed it, the little snake would come out; I wanted to see if this suppressive energy had any effect on it.

I would be very happy if it were able to eat the suppressive energy which I think is unlikely to happen. I am very aware that I cannot actively merge this suppressive energy into me; it has merged into me because it willed it.

This suppressive energy is even more dangerous than the Cosmic Energy I've encountered in the forbidden ground, but its edge is dulled by someone intentionally so that one can absorb its bits and pieces.

I hope some pieces merge into the little snake so that it could bring benefits to it, but I don't know if it will work on me like a little snake or not; the only way I will find out is to bring it out.

I repeatedly tried to break out of the 108th pose, but no matter how much I tried, I couldn't. The 6th move was very hard, yesterday when I had practiced in my abode, I was not even able to properly perform its first pose.

I will worry about performing later; now I have to worry about breaking into 6th Move first.

Finally, after tens of tries, I was able to reach the 6th pose, and I again understood its difficulty. As I reached the 6th pose, my body had become immobile that even if I wanted to, I could not move. I have started performing 1st pose of it quickly; otherwise, all my efforts will be wasted.


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