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"Little Blue!"

I heard several screams as I killed the Blue Agate Armored Elephantman, and loudest of all voices was that of Black Agate Armored Elephantman who came at me with fury.

With the death of Blue Agate Armored Elephantman, all of them activated their Mystic Methods, and I was quite surprised to find all of their Mystic Methods were the same, they all practiced the defensive type Mystic Method.

At first glance, it seemed to idiotic to choose for all to have to one type of Mystic Method, but when one looked at their racial traits, it became quite evident that it is the best choice of Mystic Method for them.

Agate Armored Elephantmen is one of defensively best Grimm Monsters, and when one added the defensive Mystic Method, they became near invincible in their level.

With their double-layered defense, even the Mystic Skills were only able to scratch the surface of their defense. If the Tower hadn't refined grey Energy, I wouldn't even dare to use my mystic skill against these Agate Armored Elephantmen as it would be a waste.

The Dark Grey Energy, which is refined by the Chaos Crushing Holy Tower, gives my Mystic Method the power of Level 2 despite being in Level 1, which is why I was able to breach such terrific defense with each.

All the Agate Armored Elephantmen attacked me simultaneously, but I disappeared from my spot again, and this time and I appeared close to the white Agate Armored Elephantman, but instead of appearing in front of it, I appeared behind its back.

I could have killed the two Agate Armored Elephantmen from their back, it would have been way too easier with the help of the Short Instant Movements and would not have to be always careful about their trucks, but I did not, I attack their fronts to create an illusion in their mind that I would only attack from the front, so their backs would be less guarded.


So that I could get an extra kill like this, killing this White Agate Armored, Elephantman was most comfortable as I just had to appear behind it with the short instant movement and then activated the Instant Blast coupled with Breeze of Withering sand and voila, another dead Agate Armored Elephantman.

"Little White!"

The Black Agate Armored Elephantman shouted again, and I thought its angry attack would come again, but to my surprise, it had quickly formed the defensive circle with two other Agate Armored Elephantmen and who looking at me as if I am some kind of demon that eats their youngs which is what they do by the way.

"Friend, why so scared, I was just playing around!" I said as I appeared five meters away from Black Agate Armored Elephantman, if it wanted, it could easily attack me, but it did not; it just looked at me with extreme hatred and killing intent.

I did not move from my spot the same as for the Grimm Monster, the Black Agate Armored Elephantman, who is facing me looking at me with all sorts of hateful emotions.

Few seconds passed by;

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