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I picked 1st of the 11 thorny peaches that are present on the tree; just I picked it front the tree; the peaches weight increased by a hundred times.

It was a good thing I had expected something like will happen and was quite ready to bear its weight; otherwise, those thorns would have pierced through my hand.

I picked one peach after another, and within a few minutes, I picked all of the Yellow Thorn Peaches and stored them into my barely operable storage ring. With the One Yellow Thorn Peach that I got to front the Grimm Monster, I now have a total of twelve Yellow Thorn Peaches.

This is such an astounding number, though I could only drink only one potion created through them. I am still happy I got it as it will be very useful to my friends and family. I am sure that by drinking the potion made of Yellow Thorn Peach, my parents will directly become the Silver Elite as long as they digest the potion, which I am sure they would.

This Yellow Thorn Peach will be able to increase my power, which is already at the peak of Nine Star Silver, much less them. They becoming Two Star Silver Elite to Three Star Silver Elite would not be a problem.


I couldn't help but sigh when I think about this; I know how much I had worked hard to get to this level. If someone had given me resources like Yellow Thorn Peach, I would not have worked this hard and gone through so many life and death battles but I am glad I did as it was those experinces made me who I am today.

But how rare are the resource like Yellow Thorn Peach is? it is extremely rare that very few lucky people come across it and now I have come across a Garden where the peach is the lowest grade resource, I couldn't help shook my head seeing that.

This Garden is very precious, if others knew about it, there would be an absolute bloodbath at the terrifying level, so I should not let anyone know about it, not even Rachel.

It is not that I don't trust her, its just that the this Garden is too terrifying, the furthest tree I could see is the resource that even Dukes will fight to the death for and that is just a Middle-level Resource in this Garden as I am very sure that dense green smoke is hiding even more precious resources inside it.

I was just about to move my eyes from the front and about to move toward the next peach tree when my eyes fell on something. I did not understand what this was at first, but when I looked carefully, I understood what it was, and my whole body couldn't help but shake.

Just a few steps in front of me, I saw an old piece of cloth. There was beside it just a piece of cloth between the Yellow Thorn Peach Tree and the Emerald Kiwi Tree, but it is enough to explain everything.

Someone had come before me and probably died, otherwise there would not be such a big piece of cloth here.

I don't know for how long this place has been here, but one thing is clear many people have entered this Garden before me. Some wer

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