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I practiced the three methods and my sword till late night and also calibrated my Swirling Armor perfectly, though I had perfected it during my three battles, I still went over it once more to be sure.

The tree battles with Grimm Monsters helped me immensely; they give great experience and confidence to break the camps, not only that the three consecutive fight also help me in the comprehension of my sword style and now I went one more steps closer to get a similar level of mastery in Greatsword as I have with the light sword.

Today again, while practicing the three methods, I felt closer to reaching the 3rd Transformation. I became even more sure than in the next few days, I will reach the 3rd Transformation, and my power will increase once more.

I woke up the next morning feeling completely refreshed, ready to break and destroy any Grimm Monster camp I've come across, but I did not hurry. I woke up, freshened up, and ate before practicing three methods.

After practicing, I showered and rested for half an hour before I got out of my abode, ready to destroy the camps and rescue the humans.

"Ashlyn, go find a Grimm Monsters camp for us to destroy!" I said to Ashlyn as I got out of my abode. "Chew, Chew!" Ashlyn chipped excitedly before she morphed into a thumb size version herself and flew away.

If it had been yesterday, I would not have asked Ashlyn to do this as it is very dangerous, but now with the assimilation of Sensory Modulating Tri-Colored Stone, she had become near invisible to even the Golden Elite, her luck has to be very bad for her to be discovered by the Golden Elite.

While she went to find the Grimm Monster camp, I sat on the tree waiting. There is no need to go anywhere, Ashlyn will return soon, and I don't want to be far from the camp walking in the wrong direction.

Chew Chew

Time passed, and forty minutes later Ashlyn returned bringing good news, she had finally found a camp, so jumped from the tree and flew near ground toward the Grimm Monsters Camp, as for Grimm Monsters on the way, Ashlyn killed them; she even killed one Nine Star Elite within five minutes.

Though that Nine Star Elite was weaker than the three I had fought yesterday, I was still a Nine Star Elite; nonetheless, killing it within five minutes is very surprising.

Time passed, and thirty-five minutes later, we had reached the Grimm Monsters Camp; like all the camps, it was big and in a well hidden location that one would not notice until one walked very close to it.

I looked at the Camp for a minute before opening the document that Guild had provided me, and reading the explicit curses in it with the red face, the curses inside it are really bad. Even just reading it, I felt my face turn red, I wonder if I curse at them loudly with thesame confidence as that girl yesterday.

Well, whether I wanted it or not, I will have to shout the curses if I want to bring the Grimm Monsters out of their Abode.

Fire Slash

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