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I shouted from the ground to the Grimm Monster who was looking for me. It is safer to fight on the ground, I don't want to attract too much attention like yesterday where I had to fight one Grimm Monster after another.

It will not matter much if the fight caught the attention of Nine Star Elites as Ashlyn will be able to handle them, but if they caught the attention of the something above, then we will not even get a chance to fight back against it.

"Bastard Die!"

It shouted as it saw me on the ground and came down at me, its face contorted into rage, it was looking at me like I had done something despicable as stealing its families jewels.


It appeared above me and brought down its cleaver at me, seeing that I activated the Mini Blast without hesitation and dodged the blow.

I would be an idiot if I face it head-on, the Grimm Monster had accumulated a lot of force for its attack and the force of the Gravity, if I resisted the attack forcefully, I would have had several of my bones broken even when I defended with the Great Sword.

The miss did not discourage the Grimm Monster as if it had expected that I would dodge it. It landed on the ground and used the momentum of an earlier failed attack to launch another attack at me.


I couldn't help but feel impressed seeing the Grimm Monster performing such an impressive move. The usage of the momentum of the previous attack is really good; it was very fast that if I did not have the mini Blast that helps me make instantaneous movements, I would have been cleaved into two with its cleaver by now.

'I will have to be extra careful of this Grimm Monster!' I thought in my mind as I saw its combat style.

The battle power of this Grimm Monster is comparable to the werewolf I had fought yesterday, but it is as dangerous as the Yellow Striped Leopardman that had nearly killed me.


It shouted as it again launched the attack, in this attack, it was still able to harness some of the power of the previous attack, but it was not much. This is the attack; I could deal with head-on, I thought as I swung mysword at it.


Our swords clashed and stood stationary on the spot without even shaking; the Grimm monsters looked shocked, seeing that. It is probably thinking a puny human who is half than its size, which skull it could easily crush in its palm, how could I have such power that I could counter its attack.


It shouted as it took back its cleaver at the blurring speed and brought back down in twice much speed at me. The force of its attack was three times greater than its previous attack, but I did not fear it; instead, I increased the power of my mini blast and moved my sword to meet it.

Clang Clang Clang Clang…

We started to clash intensely; each of our attacks would be more powerful than the previous though the power of our attacks had changed, our positions were not. We zealously stood on our spot

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