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That green Seed had given a Wisdom to the little snake; now, the little snake had gained intelligence similar to that of a newly born monster. I could see curious eyes looking around, and it is sending me warm feelings that I felt for the first time.

When I sensed that feeling, tears had automatically formed in my eyes, feeling those feelings, I know that little snake considers me as its parent.

"Welcome to World Nero," I said to her. It seemed to understand what I am saying and started to fly in a circle in happiness. It had now gained the wisdom the same as a new-born monster, so it must have the name and 'Nero' sounded the best.

That Seed had lit up Wisdom in Nero in just a few seconds, it would have taken me a year at the least, and it would not have been perfect, but with the Seed of Wisdom, it now had become like a normal monster or became like a normal monster as possible.

Nero could never be a normal monster, it is a special life that was created through the Miracle Fruit, which is said to have made from the most primal energy of the world, so there is no question about its potential.

As I was playing with Nero, I found that the sense of that being is moving over my body and scanning every inch of it till its stop at the Chaos Crushing Holy Tower. I felt the slight fluctuation as if it was surprised seeing the tower, but a second later, when its sense fell on my Sword, it shook like never before.

The humongous aura boiled out of control, and even if it is non threatening, it started to affect me, my body and soul began to team apart at such a fast pace that I thought it would crush me into nihility within a second.

"Chew, Chew…"

My body had formed numerous cracks, and my bones broke into hundreds of pieces, I was on my last leg and would die at any moment. I was about to send my final goodbye to Ashlyn and Nero as I know I am dying when I hear the loud chirp of Ashlyn.

Ashlyn's chirp seemed normal to hear, but I get the same feeling from her chirp as I from the humongous feeling that was killing me. I was so shocked by it that I forgot I am dying.

I was just in shock when I heard the sigh of that being, and next moment, the torrential green energy spread through my body, healing every part of the soul and body. In a moment, my body which was on the verge of breaking into pieces recovered completely.


The primordial voice spoke again, a voice full of complicated emotions and next moment I saw green runes started to appear in my consciousness; these runes looked even older than the Ancient Runes. Seeing them, I felt that these runes have the power to destroy the world if they willed it.

As the runes were forming, I felt the shaking of my sword; it is not my sword but abomination inside it. It is shaking in fear; I am sure of it as I could clearly sense it's feeling.

Soon the green runes joined together to form a long vine. The Vine is Majestic, I wanted to des

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