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I landed in front of Grimm Monsters suddenly, except for the Leader who seemed to sensed me coming, the other four Grimm monsters were surprised.

After I landed, I looked in the eyes of the Leader, which seemed to contain the explosive fire in them, which would burst out once they angered. They did not attack me directly as I landed, just looked at me cautiously while gripping their swords tightly, ready to attack at any moment.

These Grimm Monsters are from the Fire Jaguarman Tribe. They have around five meters tall bodies with yellow fur and fiery red spots all over their body, which gives a feeling that they are burning.

"Ashlyn, go kill the four Fire Jaguarmen behind the leader!" I said. Hearing that looked of rage appeared on the five Fire Jaguarmen.

"You Bastard, you have looked down on us too much." shouted the Leader and came at me with four of minions. Its speed was so fast that it only took a second to cover the half distance between us, but suddenly the Leader stopped and four Fire Jaguarmen behind it.

"Watch Out!"

This is all the Leader of the Fire Jaguarmen able to shout before the tiny beautiful looking fireballs rained down on them. The four Fire Jaguarmen did not have a chance to defend before the fireball had seemed into their skulls; only the Leader was barely able to defend itself against it.

Just as the Fire Jaguarman finished defending, it looked at its fallen minions who were not able to defend against the attack. As it did, more and more rage started to burn in its heart.

Its rage is clearly visible as the fire spots on its body start to glow brightly as if there are hundreds of small fires on its body, and its eyes have become completely scarlet; it is standing on the Edge of Madness, the slightest provocation would lead it to frenzy.

If It had been normal timed, I would have sensed something provocative that would have sent it frenzy, but this time I did not, I just calmly waited as this time I want an enemy with a clear mind, who I could fight fullest, a challenging enemy I say.

"You Filthy Animal, if I did not burn you alive with the strongest fire to avenge my comrades, my name wouldn't be Malor!" It shouted before it came at me with full force.

Its speed is quite great, nearly blurring even after I heightened my senses through killing Rule.


Soon it appeared in front of me and swung its thin sword, which looked like it was made to cut a person into two. I have to maintain my distance with that sword, just seeing ist sharp blades have sent the tingle in my hand.

'Fuck Its Difficult!' I cursed in my mind as I moved my sword to clash against its attack.

This is the first time I am using such a heavy sword in the battle, and my movements were quite sluggish with it and when it changed the trajectory of its sword sneakily so that it would attack my stomach rather than my neck which it was going for before.


Its sword clashed against

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