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I tapped a few buttons on the control of the abode, and the discrete tunnel opened with 'Zup.' Without hesitation, I walked into the tunnel. This tunnel is long; it could be easily able to take me to the three hundred meters of the Abode.

There are longer tunnels available as well, but I do not need them, I am not planning to run, so the tunnel this long is more than enough for me.

I sped through the tunnel as Grimm Monsters already sensed it opening and started attacking it, but the tunnel is quite strong, Grimm Monsters will have to attack for at least two minutes before they could break through it.


I jumped through the tunnel and landed on the Ground, seeing me coming out, all the Grimm Monsters ceded their attacks and looked at me.

These Grimm Monsters are from the Agate Armored Elephantmen tribe. They are easily identifiable as they all have different colors of Agate armors covering their whole bodies.

Black, White, Blue, etc. they all are different colored. Their six-meter tall bodies are completely covered in agate Armor and to be honest, they looked quite cute, especially that Pink and Blue one.

"Hello, fellas, if you had wanted to me play with you, you could have just ringed the bell, why beat the ground with those powerful hammers yours," I said while creating a face shudder through my body as I looked at the six-meter long bulky war hammers in their hands.

"You wretched human, you dare to make fun of us!" screamed one Agate Armored Elephantman and came at me, while it came, the earth shook under its weight that it felt like a small earthquake had come.

It's a Pink Agate Armored Elephantman that had come to attack me, and to be honest, its pink fat crystal body looked damned cute. Just like a pink elephant stuffed toy, I had brought for my little sister.

"There is no need to get angry, we all are civilized people here," I said while barely holding back my laughter but seeing its charge which made its fatty body wobble, I wasn't able to control my laughter.

Seeing that Agate Armored Elephantman got even angrier and increased in speed again, and within two and half-second later; its gigantic pink form appeared in front of me.


It shouted and brought its Warhammer at me, seeing it's coming I stayed rooted on my spot, it looked like I was so shocked by the fear that I wasn't able to move and that what the Agate Armored Elephantman thinking as a big cruel smile appeared on its face that I said, I want to squash you to the pulp.


Just when the hammer, just a few inches away from me, a soft band ranged out, and I disappeared from my spot, only to appear a foot away.

Ten days ago, performing this sort of move with such confidence would have been near impossible for me but a week ago, I was fighting very agile and fast Grimm Monsters that I have to find something that could match its speed of short distance.

Though I was not able to find a way during

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