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I have never seen Ashlyn this serious before, she is always haughty and serious but never this serious. She, with her tiny legs, had now reached the boundary of the Cavern and looked at the cavern with complicated expressions.


I thought she would stay on her spot for some time, but a few seconds after she reached the entrance of the cavern, she took a step inside and just as it did, the whole Garden started to shake and all the green like and smoke came at her in an instant and completely drowned her.

This happened so suddenly that I am barely able to sense what happened and when I became capable of ascertaining what is happening in front of me, I have become completely immobile, unable even to twitch my fingers.

The suppressive energy that downed Ashlyn is so immense that it left me completly immobile, if not for me being shielded by something, I would have turned into a fine mist of blood within a moment of sensing this aura.

I don't know what is happening to Ashlyn, I could not sense her, nor could I see her, I only thing I know that she is alive and that is the only thing that keeps my rapidly beating heart from exploding.

Time passed by as I continued to watch Ashlyn while immobile; it was painful to watch as I could not do anything but that.

"Titaness Of Mysteries Moon, You Are Not Dead After All."

Suddenly I heard an aged voice ringing through my ears, it is an unknown language I've never heard, but somehow I was able to understand it clearly.

This voice seems like it is from the Old man, but I feel like it is said from the being that is older than time itself. Hearing this Primordial voice, I felt that strange feeling rise in me again but this time I am in no mood to focus on it as my focus is completely on Ashlyn.

The Green Smoke and light is now receding at the rapid pace, and soon Ashlyn revealed herself from smoke and light, she seemed absolutely fine, and there are no injuries or anything on her, seeing that I couldn't help but heave a sigh of relief.

"What-what had happened to you?" I asked with a little strained voice as I am having a problem with speaking under such pressure.

Chew Chew Chew…

'Why have I even asked her such a question?' I said as I massaged my head, she never knew about strange things that happened to her, she would be blacked out whenever that happened.

I wanted to ask her about the name that Primordial Voice spoke as the same name spoken by the abomination in a different language, but seeing she does not have any idea about whatever secret she has, I also let it go.

Ashlyn seemed not to feel this suppressive energy and Gravity as easily flew front her spot and landed on the Yellow Thorn Peach Tree. As she fell, she instantly took a bite of the peak, without care for the sharp thorns the peach has.

She kept eating the peach, and before long, she finished eating it completely and started on the second.

I did not stop her as when she is ful

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