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After I finished with the refining, I started to practice Three Methods together. When I was in The Garden, I was able to reach the 2nd pose of the 6th Move of Body Cleansing Technique, but just as I came out and practiced, I was able to reach the 5th move in a single session.

It is not just the Body Cleaning Technique but also Supreme Combat Exercise; I was also able to circulate five more moves of it. It has happened not because these methods have become easy, but because of the lack of pressure.

In the Garden, there was immense pressure, so when I came out, the practice had become easier due to lack of pressure, and I broke through a couple of layers at once, but that was all.

After that swift round of progress, everything has become hard again, and if I want to progress now, then I will have to maintain consistency and improve slowly. I practice the three methods until I can't anymore and fall on to the floor.

With that done, I rested for fifteen minutes and started to practice with my sword. The weight of the sword now has become 600 KG. First I had quite a problem with the weight, but as I fought regularly with it, I started to get back the consistency I had lost prior to increasing its weight.

I had practiced with it until I was dead tired before I put back into my storage and walked toward my room. There I showered and laid on my bed with just my underwear and fell into sleep within a second.

At some point in the night, I felt a warm body snuggled against, and I too unconsciously nestled against it with a smile on my face.

When I opened my eyes, I found Rachel was sleeping beside me, seeing that happiness couldn't help but well in my heart and softly kissed on her lips. Usually, Rachel responds, but now she is in a deep sleep except for a light smile coming on her lips, there was no reaction from her.

I gave her another peck on the lips before I gently got out of bed, without making any sound. I freshened up, and after that, I went to the kitchen to make breakfast.

I wanted today's breakfast to be great, so I spread my consciousness into the ring and started to look for ingredients that will make breakfast great. In my storage, there are nearly hundreds of rows of shelves filled with all sorts of eating material.

The Grimm Monsters storage has too much stuff, except some tiny parts; most of the stuff is useful to us. So, I placed the shelves according to the system I had read, and now I have the whole supermarket in my storage, which had everything literally.

My consciousness flew toward the cooking ingredients, and every few seconds, some stuff would fly into the basket. I could do this once and get out, but I loved this shopping type experience where I looked at shelves and ingredients before I placed them in the basket.

A few minutes later, I finished shopping from my personal Super Market, and now there is a basket full of ingredients in front of me, which will make a very delicious br

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