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"Cascading Mist!"

Bloodied Grimm Monster shouted, and next moment, in the steely black veins, mist-like energy started to flow, and with it, its strength increased immensely.

It had been more than an hour since we were fighting, and in this hour, I had made this Grimm Monster completely bloodied. Except for the part that is covered in the steely black veins, everything had turned bloody.

In the past ten minutes, I've come close to killing it and especially the attack I did on it a few seconds ago where I left the gaping wound, this had probably scared the Grimm Monster so much that it had used its Mystic Method immediately.

If I had wanted to, I would have been able to kill this Grimm Monster hour ago with my Mystic Skill; it is powerful enough that it can kill any Grimm Monster with just one hit, but I did not.

This Grimm Monster is quite powerful, and I wanted to kill it using my ability. The Mystic Method is powerful, but one could learn from it, it is like a wish that will instantly materialize, and one will not have to work hard for it.

But using the fighting style is different; the more one fights, the more one gets better at it, and I really need to fight as much as I can, so I could quickly get a grasp over my Greatsword and improve my comprehension of it.

As it activated its Mystic Method, the white mist started to flow through the steely veins of the Grimm monsters before they covered it's sword fully.


Puh Puh Puh…

It attacked me with the Mystic Skill, and I only have one word for it, fearsome. Aside from Rachel's Mystical Method, which is Grade above, this is the most powerful mystical method Ive ever experienced.

It had provided it with such physical power that every attack felt like the weight of the mountain crashing over me. It is so powerful that it had passed through my defense of Swirling Armor with only ¼ loss in power, and as it entered me, it wrecked my body apart.

That white had blade-like properties, as it entered me, I could literally feel it is cutting apart my organs, at every attack, I would be in the danger of flinging away and while puking mouthful of blood.

It was good that I am using Greatsword, which helps me mitigate the power of the attacks, if I had been using my red sword, I would have flung in the air multiple times.

"Hehe, how do you like my Mystic Ability? I did not want to use it on a puny human like you, but you forced it."

"Now, not only will you suffer the consequences of it but your breathing too, after I finished dealing with you, I will torture them till their minds break." Dark Vein Hyenman as it attacked me maniacally.

Step Step Step Puh Puh…

I continued taking steps back with every attack; it was attacking me so fast that I did not have the time to stabilize myself before the next attack of it came. With such a forceful attack, my body is in shambles internally, and I am puking blood every second.

I so want

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