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I am barely able to stop myself from cursing loudly; what I had just seen had utterly blown my mind. I had thought Ashlyn had taken the Yellow Grade Runic Dick from me to play around, seeing how many times I have used it, she must have felt curious about it.

She did the same with other Runic disks; she had played around for a few minutes before returning it to me, so when Ashlyn asked for the Runic Disk, I had just thought she was playing around, the thought of her using it never come to my mind.

I've never heard a monster using the artifacts, especially Knight Stage monster, so one could imagine my shock when she did that.

After Ashlyn stored her first killed monster, she went to store second before third and so on. She had killed many monsters on the way, and it took her a few minutes to store all of them before she killed some more Grimm Monsters and store them in the runic disk.

Three and a half hours later, we got out of the most dangerous area; the journey was extremely smooth as I did not have to fight any Grimm Monster.

That happened because Ashlyn had killed all the Grimm Monsters that came in our way before they appeared in front of us, which include seven Eight Star Elites and countless other Grimm Monsters.

She had killed more than a thousand Grimm Monsters in the past three hours and half hours. Just thinking that my eyes started to shine as the amount of Mana crystals and storages I will get from them will be quite immense, not only the Mana crystals, I will have storages and treasures inside them too, I hope this group of Grimm Monsters haves something good in their storages.

It took me a while to get out of my glee and think about the people behind me; this area is my limit. From there I will take them to someone else to take them to safety, it was a good thing there is the complete official procedure for this kind of task.

Now, I just have to find some strong team of human's and hand the charge of these people to them, and they have to accept whether they wanted to it not but most would be more than happy to accept as they will gain the 20% merit of their rescue which is a lot even for the team lead by Seven Star Elite.

I had to search for fifteen minutes before I sensed the team of humans, they are quite strong, and they are in need.

I quickly moved toward them with seventy-something people following behind me, and within five minutes, we have come across team five humans, which is getting badly beaten by the team of seventeen Grimm monsters.

I did not waste even a second and summoned seventeen fireballs together and threw them at the Grimm monsters. My fireballs are uncomparable to Ashlyn's mine's are a lot weaker; they only have the power to kill the Initial Seven Star Elite at most while hers are capable of killing Eight Star Silver Elites.

Dhub Dhub Dhub…

Fireballs struck each and every Grimm Monster before they knew what happened, they all were killed in the

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