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I flashed toward the Two Grimm Monster at my greatest speed, I've used everything I have to gain the maximum speed, my mana, fire ability, occult energy everything. With that, my speed had become so fast that I had surpassed some of the fire slashes I've launched earlier.

Soon I reached the halfway point; the Grimm Monsters noticed me, and their expression started to morph anger and small panic.

Both of them quickly understood the gravity of the situation they are in. They could not directly stop me without getting barraged by the fire slashes, these fire slashes are not much powerful individually, but when they rain together, they will pose the life-threatening danger.

The Aqua Bearman knew it was in danger and immediately activated its defensive Mystic Method, which looked like the cover of watery blue jelly. With it enabling its defensive Mystic Method, its confidence came back to its eyes, and it looked at its friend for little more help.

It looked at the Thunder Bearman beside it, who also had activated its Speed Type Mystic Ability and was busy dealing with the fire slashes that had concentrated at it, but despite its attacking speed, it will still need at least two seconds before it will be free from my fire slashes.

I couldn't help but smile seeing my strategy working so great, earlier when attacked the Grimm Monster with the fire slashes, I used to attack them with an equal number of slashes, but after this strategy came to my mind, I focused on most of my attack on the ThunderBearman.

Seeing me coming toward it, Bearman seems a little fearful but there is no fear of death in its eyes, and the reason for that is its Mystic Method. This Method had a great defense that even Thunder Bearman could not do anything against; I have seen its power earlier and knew how great its defense was.

The Bearman may not be able to crack its defensive Mystic Method of the Bearman does not mean I could not.

Breeze of Withering Sand

I said inside my mind when I was just two meters away from the Grimm Monsters, and just as I said that a cover of dark grey sand enveloped my sword.

This is cosmic energy which had the power to wither anything; I don't think it will have any problem cutting the defensive Mystic Method of the Grimm Monsters as my Mystic Method is not a normal method, it is a level more powerful than the normal mystic method which could act as it energy is filtered by my refining tower which gave it an edge over the normal Mystic Method.

The Aqua Bearman seems to realize that which is why a look of horror appeared in its eyes, and it looked at the friend of it with desperate eyes. At one moment, I thought that Thunder Bearman would help its friend, risking the injuries by the fire slashes, but Thunder Bearman instead looked away from its friend's eyes and continued defending against the slashes.

I was shocked seeing that, but soon, I remember the selfishness that Grimm Monsters had in them and not t

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