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After entering the abode, I showered, Cooked and ate before I went to the practice room, where I first inspected the storages of Eight Star Elites, Seven Star Elite, and some Six-Star Elites, whatever I could within an hour.

I have decided to give myself a one hour time to inspect the Grimm Monsters storages. Though my speed is great, I could only inspect the maximum fifty in one hour, and I have thousands of Grimm monster storages are stored in my storage ring which I could only expect in my free time.

The storages, I found some good stuff, but I do not need any of them, this stuff could only add more stuff on shelves in my storage. Though this stuff may be useless to me right now, still one day, it will sure turn useful.

After finishing with the storages, I started to practice Body Cleansing Exercise, Secrete method, and Supreme Combat Exercise. All of them are progressing steadily, with the secret method really close to reaching the 3rd transformation.

There is no circulation in the secrete method except for one, so it became very hard to tell how much progress is one making in the Secrete Method, I could only go by gut feeling which is telling me, and if I continue practicing with my current pace then, I might soon reach the 3rd transformation of Secrete Method.

I really hope that day comes soon as I really need strength right now, and 3rd Transformation might be able to take me to become a Nine Star Elite.

After I was done with the practice of three methods, I laid on the ground tiredly for a few minutes despite having the energy to get up. I got up after some time and started refining the Grey energy to charge up the Mystic Method and fill my mana storage.

This time when I was doing that, I tried to take my mana to the second floor of the tower but second later backed down when my mana crashed across the thick steel wall.

'I am far from ready to breach that shield!' I said to myself. Before breaking into the Lord stage, I will have to refine my mana through the whole tower, if I able to do that then I will get perfect mana that will be perfectly suitable to my new constitution and will help me perfectly fuse with Inheritance.

But it will be very hard, just now when I was trying to take my mana into the second floor, I felt immense resistance which was like a thick metal plate in front of an average human, without sufficient power the human will never be able to breach that metallic plate.

I will have to accumulate some more experience before I could think about breaching into the 2nd floor of the Tower.

After I filled my mana storage and Runic Lily, I got up and take out my sword and started to practice with it. In today's fight, I've learned a lot, I wanted to consolidate what I learned and merged that into my comprehension.

I practiced for a full three hours before I tiredly put away my sword and went to shower and sleep right after.

I woke up in the morning, after freshening up and ea

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