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With the sigh, I had released all the Occult Energy from my body and instantly felt a little weak. The Occult Energy is too forceful, despite having a body that is good at resisting the effect of the Occult energy, I still felt quite weak that I am barely able to keep myself floating.


Without being stingy, I took out one Vigour berry and popped it in my mouth before crushing it with a single bite. The sweet juices vigor berries transformed into energy that refreshed my body instantly, within a few seconds, all fatigue I am feeling due to the Overexertion of occult energy had vaporized.

Except for my mana, everything in my body reached a peak again. Usually, I don't eat the vigor berries, no matter how tired I am, but my condition is now different. I am in a very dangerous area and already have the senses of two Nine Star Elites locked on me, I need to be at my peak if they come to attack me.

After feeling refreshed, I put away the body of Grimm Monster in my runic disk before moving toward the ground. The sky is too dangerous, even after becoming Nine Star Elite, I have no confidence in flying in the sky.

I slowly landed on the ground and sat by the tree with closed eyes waiting, this battle had been fruitful. It could be said to be the most fruitful fight of this mission.

Now that I have become a Nine Star Elite, it is time to think about the real missions that are destroying the camp and rescuing the humans from them, but before I do that, I have to fight a few more Nine Star Elite for practice.

For that I don't have to move away from my spot as the Grimm Monsters is already coming at me.

"You have come."

I said as I opened my eyes and found a werewolf in front of me; this is a member of the most common Wolfman Tribe, though it's tribe is most common amongst the Grimm Monsters its power is uncommon. It is Nine Star Elite having about the same battle power as the Horned Dogman.

But unlike the horned dogman, who was quite tired when I had killed it, this Grimm Monster is at its peak. Fighting it will be very challenging as I will have to defeat it without using my Mystic Method as I've used all the Dark Grey Energy, I've had in the fight against the Horned Dogman.

"You did not run away knowing me coming?" werewolf asked with surprise, according to it, any normal person would not fight another fight after it had just finished fighting another difficult battle. So, me not running away despite knowing it is coming clearly surprised it very much.

"What is to fear from Little werewolf." I said casually as I took out my sword from my sword and let Swirling Armor enveloped my body."

"You wretched human!"

It roared and came at me with its meter long claw, it's expression looked like it wanted to tear me apart with those metallic claws of it before gobbling me up.


I did not hold back, I did not hold back either, with my condition reaching the peak, I can fight against

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