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I have never seen this bastard, not met it, but it is chasing me like a mad hound that had rabies. I am really really confused about why it is following; seriously, I had no contact with it; if I had, I would have remembered.

I am pretty good with faces, even if those faces are that of Grimm Monster, who all looked the same, I could easily identify them.

And what's with that fucking horn of its, from what I know, the horn of horned Dogman is never shone and this one's shining like a fucking glow torch and its color also seems different from the usual black color horn that horned Dogman have.

I think the reason it was able to chase me was due to that strange horn, without that strange horn even Nine Star Elite wouldn't be able to catch my smell, but this one did.

I could feel that the distance between us is reducing, it is inching closer and closer to slowly; if I do not do something soon, then I will soon get caught.

"Ashlyn, harass it with your fireballs!"

I said to Ashlyn who is on my shoulder, for some time she has been asking me to attack this dogman but I had asked her to stay put as it was not the time but now seeing it is gaining the distance on me, It is the best time to attack the Grimm Monster.

"You Fucking Bird, once I am done with that bastard, I will catch you and eat you alive!" Grimm Monsters shouted as it started to get harassed by Ashlyn.

Though Ashlynn's fireballs are not much threat to the Grimm Monster, they will turn fatal once they seeped inside; Grimm Monster understood that very well, which is why it had taken out its blade and started defending against them.

The barrage of Ashlyn's attack did not stop it, but it had slowed it down quite a which, now instead of it getting distance me, I am getting distance on it. As time passed, the distance between us slowly widening.

I am using my all to get away from it and would have left it quite behind if not for it being from the Dogman Tribe. Though the members of the Dogman Tribe are not the best at speed, they are not much worse; they have superior speed compared to other Grimm Monsters.

If it had been another Grimm Monster of average speed, I would have surely left it behind and by this time, it would have not even been able to see the shadow of mine.

My mini Blast is ingenious, but it had very high speed, its speed is so great that it was able to compare to Inheritance Mystic Ability that Rachel had.

"Bastard, you have forced me!"

My face paled, when I saw the black dot behind me getting bigger and bigger till it became the Grimm Monster, seeing it somehow catching up with me, I spun the swirls faster and faster for greater speed, so I could get away from it.

I spun then like never before, this Grimm Monster has immense killing against me for some reason, and I am very sure with monsters having such killing heavy killing intent, that if get caught by it, I will die a very painful death.

My efforts started to bore

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