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Chapter 1018 - Ambition

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After I finished talking with my parents, I laid on the bed and started to read about my new organization.

Its name is Riverfield Academy like its name suggests; it is an Academy with a rich history of nearly four thousand years, which is quite shocking as rarely any organization other than Supremes and some top organization have such an account.

It is an Emperor Level Academy, which is two levels lower than Supreme Level Academy, which is more powerful than I had expected. I continue reading, and the more I read about it, the more impressed I would become.


Time passed, and before I knew it, my Holowatch buzzed, alerting me about time for dinner.

Seeing that, I got up from the bed and changed into new clothes. I don't know whether we are going out, ordering or cooking at the suit, so I wore something which could be suitable for all.

When I got out, I stopped short in my tracks as I looked at her. Earlier she was wearing a black jacket and pants which had nearly covered all her body, but now seeing her in the black spaghetti dress; I feel like I am seeing a goddess.

I unconsciously started comparing every aspect of her with Rachel, which I had never done with any women before, and worse than that, I began to find her even more attractive than Rachel in nearly every aspect.

Seeing my thoughts going in the direction where they have no right to, immediately crushed those thoughts and looked away before she could notice me ogling.

"Micheal, I did not introduce myself to you, did I?" she asked me, to which I shook my head; during all our conversation, she had effectively forgotten to introduce herself.

"My name is Josephine Carlston; you can address me as Professor Josephine, you don't have to address ma'am every time," she said. "Yes, ma'am," I said, and she rolled her eyes, which made her look even hotter.

We were in just comfortable silence when Elina walked out wearing a blue dress. "Auty lets go quickly, I am feeling quite famished," Elina said as she came out of her room.

I still felt surprised when Elina called Prof. Josephine aunt; they looked more like sisters than the aunt and niece.

"Let's go then." Said Prof. Josephine, and next moment, I found myself enveloped in the Aqua Blue energy, and second later, I found myself in front of the small three-story building which looked like it was made of crystal.

As we appeared in front of the crystal building, a very well dressed man who was obviously above the Knight stage came toward us bearing a respectable expression.

"Madam, your private room had been ready." He said as he led us inside the crystal building, which is obviously a restaurant.

As I entered the restaurant, I was quite shocked to find out that most of the patrons in the restaurant above Knight Stage, there are very few

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