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Chapter 1039 - Top 500

"I did not know you know the student of Lady Vivian?" Elina asked as Ellen and Madeline went back to their platforms as the Championship was about to start formally in a minute.

"We are childhood friends," I replied, "You are lucky to have to have her as your friend," she said as she looked at lady Vivian.

I just smiled at that, though I am happy Ellen was able to find such a powerful teacher; I had no wish to make use of her powerful teacher.

If I wanted to, I would have easily erased the criminal tag of mine with the help of her teacher, but I did not do that. Though it is an undeniable fact that some of the help I took from her had the hands of her teacher, still that help was within limits.

As I was in my thoughts, the championship formally shouted, the old can came center of the stage and started to say something. This Old man is head of Continents affairs and is quite powerful but not as powerful as the people sitting here.

He started his speech and it lasted for fifteen minutes before the performance of some famous Idols, which had lasted for the rest of the forty-five minutes before the championship had finally begun.

In the five hundred meters arena, platforms started popping up one by one, until their number reached hundreds.

There are millions of people that have registered for the Championship all over the continent of which Million have been selected, and now these million will fight from which Top 500 will be selected.

These preliminary rounds for Top 500 will last for eight days before another five hundred will be added, and the real Championship will begin.

Ellen and I are part of that five hundred lists; it is made from winners of a competition held in the different countries and persons referred by the people that sit on the platforms.

For eight days of competition, I will not even have to lift the sword to fight, and it is a good thing for me as I will have enough time to comprehend the Art; I just hope I will be able to do it as, without it, I will have no chance against Ellen.

Earlier I was not able to sense her power, but the feeling of a threat she had given me enough for me to know that with my current strength, I am not a match for her. I will need Art if I want to fight against her.

As the people platforms erected, people started to enter them. I looked at Arena # 27 specifically as Jill is going to fight there.

As I was looking, she entered the Arena #27, opposite to a beefy guy named Gavin, who is holding a huge sword.

This guy is pretty powerful, a peak Adamantine. To others, he may have been a tough opponent and would have been lord over the fight, but in front of the jill, he is nothing.

If the feeling that Jill gave me is right, then this Peak Adamantine boy named Gavin is ant to her, she could easily defeat it.

Soon both of them came face to face, and that beefy guy said something to her while laughing lech

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