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Chapter 1036 - Floating Platforms

Five days passed by, and finally, the day of the Continental Championship has come. The past five days went quite quickly, with my time filled with family and training.

In the five days, I did not make a breakthrough into anything, but my strength had increased quite much, especially my Combat Style. Daily training with the Professor furnished it to an unbelievable degree.

My combat style is now a much better state than it was ever before, and when I had fought with Elina yesterday, I had defeated her in the record time of ten minutes, which has never happened before.

It is very difficult to do that in such a short time since she knows about every move of mine. The shortest time I took to defeat her was half an hour, so defeating her in the ten minutes was quite an accomplishment.

"Mom, Dad, I have to go early with the professor, you guys came after you are ready," I said to my parents. The Continental Championship will start in an hour, but actual fights will start an hour after that.

I've already booked the best seats for them where they could watch every fight that is going on in the Arena.

"You go now; we will come in a few minutes." Mom said; I nodded and left the room but not before giving kisses to my little sister, who had a snack bowl in her tiny hands from which she and Ashlyn are eating.

Since my parents have arrived, Ashlyn is nearly inseparable, except for sleeping, they are always together, munching on something.

Soon I reached the garden where the professor and Elina were waiting, and we flew toward the Venue of the Championship.

Professor did not teleport us there directly as she usually does but flew toward it, which is quite strange, but I did not ask questions. She must have her reasons doing something out of the ordinary.

"Why are you so nervous?" I asked, ever since we started to fly away, she had been acting quite nervous, "We are going to meet very powerful people; they always make me a little nervous." Elina replied, seeing how she averted her eyes slightly, I know she is lying.

It has been two weeks since I have known Elina, and in those two weeks, I had learned quite a few things about her, and one of them is that she is a bad liar.

"Liar liar pants on fire." Suddenly professor Josephine said as she turned toward us, "Little Ellie is nervous because she will be meeting her little boyfriend whom she hadn't met in a few months." Professor Josephine teased.

"Aunty!" Elina said loudly with a completely flushed face, seeing that Professor Josephine laughed, and we continued flying toward the venue.

The city is filled with people; one could see people everywhere. Cometh city had gathered millions of people for the Championsh.i.p.s, and I heard that the price of the ticket had skyrocketed more than a hundred times in the black market.

Soon I saw the venue, the awe couldn't help but fill in my eyes; the arena where

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