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Chapter 1032 - Bones Breaking

Elina and I entered our rooms while professor Josephine went with the two people; she had to discuss some business with those people where we have no business.

My room is very, very luxurious; it could not be called a room as it is a Grand Suite, the best one I've ever been to. So after checking the room, I simply laid on the world's softest bed.

In a week, the Championship would start, and it began to pressure me a little; the opponents are going to be very powerful, so powerful that my current strength would not be enough to win against all of them.

This pressure is very exciting; only in such pressure, I will improve more, till now I have improved the most when I am under huge pressure and since it's been my dream since I was child to win such competition, then pressure could be said to be very high on me.

I was just thinking about practice and what change I need to make in my training regime in order to be more efficient when I fell asleep.

The sleep came quite suddenly; one moment I was busy with my thoughts, and then another, I was sleeping. I had slept through the whole morning and some afternoon as I woke up at 2 PM.

After a few hours of sleep, I felt good. These days all I am doing is training, every waking moment I am training, even earlier when I was laying on the bed, I was practicing Secret Method.

With all this training, I am only training about six hours of sleep, which is really small compared to exerting my mind and body every day. So, earlier, when I had just relaxed a little, my body had completely turned off.

I have to get a little more sleep than I am getting right now; training is important, but so is sleep. With good physical and mental health, I would not be able to get 100% from my training.

Knock Knock!

I laid on the bed for a while before I went to the bathroom and freshened up and started to eat some snacks with Ashlyn as I was feeling slightly hungry. I had finished eating when I heard the knock on my door.


Hearing I walked to the door and opened it, only to see it was Ellen, she looked quite tired and had red marks all over her body which were slowly disappearing. These red marks are the signs of the injuries she had healed within a few minutes.

"What happened to you?" I asked, worriedly; she must have suffered quite a lot of injuries seeing she have red marks all over her body. "The same will happen to you," she said without answering my question.

"Let's go, aunty is calling you," she said and asked me to follow; when she said it, there was a weird smile lit across her face, a smile that wants to revel in others' misfortune.

I did not get a good feeling about what was about to happen, but I have no choice to follow her since Professor Josephine is calling.

"You must have a good sleep, right? Have a fresh body and mind?" she asked suddenly, "Yes." I said with hesitation as the bad feeling I am ge

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