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Chapter 1024 - You Lost


Another resounding clash rang out but this time, instead of launching another attack, both took a jump back.

We have been fighting for nearly an hour and fought quite well, but we did not use all our strength. We have always held back using our full power, as this was not the time.

Like me, with my new and improved Runic Armor, this is also her first fight since she accepted her inheritance and needed some long fight to get used to her inheritance, and now she did.

"Shall we go all out?" she asked, to which I nodded, as it finally time to all-out, use every bit of the strength we have to fight.

Seeing my nod, a confident smile appeared on her face as her steely armor started to shine, and the design of bloodied weapons began to appear on her Armor, which made it look regal and threatening at the same time.

As the transformation of her Steel Armor completed, another thing happened, which shocked the hell out of me.

From Elina, another Elina came out, and this Elina looks the same as other Elina, from aura to power; even when I concentrated my killing Rule on her, I could not spot the difference between the two.

This is not the ability of her Inheritance; it is her Art; the lingering worldly aura on both of the Elina's are proof of it.

A weird smile came across Elina's lips, and both of them came at me with extremely fast speed; seeing them coming, I know I had to do something. If not them, it is very likely I will lose this battle.

Sin Domain!

I immediately activated the sin domain; the domain is the best way to deal with these kinds of tricky situations.

It will enhance my sensory powers, which will help me identify which Elina is real and which is the fake.

Not to forget this is a Domain where I could block some amount of worldly energy she requires for her which will weaken it quite much.

Domain's is revered, and it is not without reason; both Elina's shocked seeing the domain, and if I had looked back, I would have seen even professor Josephine had a shock on her face.

'Since I am going all out, I might as well go full out.' I thought as I looked at my spreading blood-red domain, and the next moment, a reddish hue started to appear in the blood-red domain and sand winds started to flow inside it.

With my Constitution advancing to level 12, the size of Domain had also increased. Now it could cover three hundred meters; on the other hand, the Domain of Withering Sand had a size of hundred meters when its energy refines in the 5th floor Tower.

After its energy refined into the 6th floor, its size increased to two hundred meters, but it is still smaller than the three hundred meters. So, I had merged it with the Sin Domain, which increased its sand without reducing its power.

Despite the appearance of Domain, the momentum of both Elina's did not stop; both of them came at me without the fear of sandy winds crashing at them

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