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Chapter 1022 - Fighting Elina II

Ten minutes passed by since we started fighting, her speed has increased again, but I am still defending against her without taking a single hit from her.

I could tell she is reaching her limit as we fought and seeing that I couldn't help but feel shocked as till now, while I am fighting with my abilities, she is solemnly fighting with her body.

She had not used an ounce of her real abilities; I could not sense any other energies from her; she was fighting me with her physical body. Her physical body solely generates her strength and speed.

She had to have not only powerful physical capabilities but also a very good combat style, which is perfected by the constant fighting. I could see the shadow of the expert's guidance in her fighting.

I am very good at finding the flaws in fighting and fighting against the thousands of people and killing them, taking advantage of their flaws.

Fighting then, I was able to notice the common flaws nearly everyone has; these flaws are that very hard to see and fix, and aside from myself, I had never seen anyone not having those flaws in fighting style.

I was able to find them and fixed them because I saw them in thousands of people and worked very hard to fix those flaws but on her side, her flaws not only were fixed, but they are being used by her enhance her combat power which I don't think to have the capability to do that without any guidance.

Even me, who has the powerful killing Rule had not able to use those flaws to my advantage and could only fix it. I think she had received guidance from her powerful mother or aunt.

I may be wrong and might be judging her by my capabilities, and she would have been able to do that on her own, but I doubt that.


Another clash rang out, and I tracked her for another attack when, to my surprise, she did not attack instead appeared ten meters in front of me.

"You are better than I had expected." "By now those with Level 1 Inheritance would have died ten times." she praised, "Thank You for your praise," I said with a smile.

"But if this all you have, then you should give up, with me using my Inheritance, you are not going to last very much," she said, and runes started to cover her body. These runes are in a color of steel in which tiny stars could be seen shining.

When I looked at those runes, battle intent started to blaze in my eyes; I am quite shocked by that as these emotions were not mine but from the runes that are spreading on Elina's body.

Soon the runes spread all over the body before they started shining as they shone an Armor Started to spread across her body.

The Armor looked like it is made of steel and is completely plain, devoid of any decoration, but it still looked amazing on her.

"Ive am using my armor, you should also use whatever trump cards you have soon; otherwise, you will lose," she said with a smile before she appeared in front

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