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Chapter 1037 - Supremes Gather I

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Soon I reached the floating platform that is assigned to us; it is five meters in diameters and has three beautiful lounge chairs on it on which Elina and the professor are already sitting.

"They have made great arrangements." I praised as I took a seat at the left of the professor, which was a little behind her chair, just like that of Elina, who is on the right side.

"They are fine," Professor said blandly, not sounding much impressed. Well, to her, it may not be but to me, it's a hell of a great thing especially when it presents here as I've come across such things in the Ruins.

These circular platforms we are on are paper-thin and but they are easily able to hold the weight of all us without much shaking and on top of that, I did not see any rune on it, so either these things are purely made of the technology or the formation carved on it is hidden.

The three of us did not talk much. Each of us is busy with their own thoughts. I don't know what the professor is thinking, but I could very well tell what Elina is; she is waiting for her boyfriend, it is clearly seen from her as she is looking at a transparent forcefield with lodging filled eyes.

The egg forcefield, which is blue on the outside, is completely transparent from the inside. If one does not know it is there, they will never think there is anything present there.

"Be patient, my dear near; your little boyfriend will come soon." Professor Josephine couldn't help but tease her niece, and unlike last time, this time, Elina did not say anything other than glaring at her aunt.

More and more people came till all the platforms of King Grade and Emperor Grade organization filled; all the people who had come all of them nodded to the professor respectfully before taking their places.

Soon two people came through the forcefield. One is a man in his later fifteen whole other is a young man who looked two or three years older than me, both of them all octagonal badges to their chest, which depicted a golden raven falling down from the sky as the arrow pierces its chest.

"Madam Josephine, I did not think you would be here." The old man said a neutral tone but seeing the expression on his face. It could be said that he is friendly to the professor.

"I also did not think you would be here, Sir Carter; it looks like your organization values this competition quite well to send their sharpest eye." Professor Josephine said to the old man who had a similar type of aura at her but weaker and stabler.

The old man made small talk with the professor before sitting beside the platform beside us, which had the plaque of 'Raven's Fall.' The badge they are wearing perfectly suits the name of their organizations.

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