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Chapter 1028 - Home Run I

We flew from our penthouse window, and five-minute minutes later, we descended toward the guild.

Thud Thud!

We both landed in front of the beautiful Blue Castle. When I had seen the castle for the first time, it filled my heart with awe, but now it evokes no positive emotions in me.

This Castle had become a sign of oppression in my mind; it is in this castle I've been oppressed over and over and over again.

I was looking at the castle with deep emotions when I found a young man with a similar age as me coming toward us. "Micheal Zaar, the Guildmaster requested your presence in the arena." He said in a neutral tone.

When I looked at the young man properly, I found he is a powerful Peak Adamantine but is still wearing a Deacon badge.

I would have been surprised if I had seen this before the Ruin, but now I am not. In the Ruin, thousands of people had advanced to Adamantine, especially in War Tower.

Not to forget the war Tower was in a small part of the ruin, and there are many other places across the ruin where people got many chance encounters and reached the Adamantine.

So, powerful Peak Adamantine becoming a Deacon is nothing surprising.

"Ok!" I said and followed him with Elina toward Arena, which I had never gotten to use despite being the best performer in the guild within my level.

I had not only got to use the Arena, but I had not used the other facilities that the guild offered.

While we were walking toward the Guild, I saw many people looking at me whispering something, many people even following me, looks like I will get quite a surprise when I reach the Arena.

I was right!

When I reached the main arena, I found it completely filled, thousands of people sitting with not one seat being empty, hell there are even a few hundred people who are standing.

I spotted many familiar people sitting in the Arena, with some staying quiet with a neutral face while others are giving me reassuring smiles.

I could see the Guildmanter and Vice Guild Masters sitting on the opposite side of the arena on the elaborate chairs, which makes them seem like they are lords of this place, well they are.

"Micheal Zaar, you have broken too many rules during your stay in the Guild, and when it is time to receive the punishment, you are running like Coward."

"Today, the Guild accepts your resignation, but since you have pending punishment, you will have to accept Guilds Battle of Challenge."

"The Guild will challenge you for the three fights today. If you win all of them, you are free to leave the guild, but if you lose them, you will suffer the penalties of losing the challenge and also punishment that is pending on you."

"Micheal Zaar, do you accept the challenge from the Guild?" finished Guildmanster finally.

What an idiot?

I am not the only one thinking that; others are also thinking the same. The Idiot of the Guild Master said eve

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