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Chapter 1038 - Supremes Gather II

"Yes, a nice surprise Sandra." "I did not expect to see you here with your full family," Professor said as she looked at the group of people she had come with before hugging the women.

They both seemed to know each other quite well, seeing the way they were talking to each other while I kept staring at the women, looking at striking similarities she bore with my mother.

This lady did not look completely similar to my mother, but she bore many similarities with my mother in many aspects that if I had been in my professor's place, I would have also asked the professor if she knows this lady or not.

I moved my eyes from the lady and looked at the people she had come with; there is one old man in his late fifties, one middle-aged man in his early forties, and two young men and women who looked to be two or three years older than me.

Looking at their faces and faces of this lady, the old man in his fifties is likely her father or uncle or maybe even brother, seeing the similarities they bore.

The man in early forties is likely her husband and girl and boy their children as they bore many similarities with both of them.

I am quite surprised by the level of similarities she bore with my mother, but I don't think they are related. First, because billions of people live in the world, there have to be many people who bore similarities with one, hell a few months ago, I found a young man who had quite many similarities with many.

And second, these people have a terrifying level of power, even that young men and women in their early twenties have a similar level of power with the two in Sky Saber. So, no, I don't think they are related by any means.

"And who is this young man?" the lady suddenly asked as she turned toward me, "His name is Micheal, he is I recruited for my organization," she replied.

I felt a little uncomfortable under the gaze of a lady; she is terrifyingly powerful. Though she is not as powerful as Professor but still very powerful that a single breath of her could erase me from the face of the world.

"He must be quite talented to be personally recruited by Josephine Carlston herself." the lady said, and her gaze became quite intense, and that became quite that all the hair on my body stood up. I was unable to move a single inch under her gaze.

"Sandra." Professor said just as the lady's gaze became intense, "Oh my, I am sorry, for a moment I forget he is still at Knight stage." She apologized to the professor as her gaze turned normal.

With her gaze turning normal, I could finally breathe without any problem. Her gaze had become intense for less than a second, but it was still able to stop my body and soul for that time.

If she had continued looking at me this intensely for a minute, I am sure I would have received permanent damage to my body and soul, which would have been very difficult to heal.

I am quite angry at this lady; wha

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