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Chapter 1003 - Practicing Mystic Method

The next morning, I woke up early despite sleeping late and drank the drop of Soul Tempering liquid before getting out of bed and following the usual schedule.

After shower and breakfast, I flew toward the market, Ashlyn and Jen. The abode already presents in the Market since I did not take it.

So I just had to place all the stuff to sell back on the shelf and warehouse before handling the store back to the hands of Jen and Ashlyn.

As I entered the training room, I started to take out the I need for the practice of my Mystic Method, I am planning on practicing at least two Mystic Methods before I went for the 8: AM meeting.

The target is a little tight, but as long as I do not waste time, I will be easily able to accomplish it.

The first method I am going to practice is Wolf Lord's Armor, I have already practiced the three levels of it, now I just need to practice two more levels. So, without wasting any time, I placed the formation plate and started making the ink.

Learning from the debacle of last time on how I have wasted my time drawing formation on the floor. I had responsibly commissioned the Formation Sheets for the formations I will need to draw the method.

So, now I just have to create the ink and add it to the sheet before starting the practice. These sheets are one which gave me the confidence to finish off my practice of two mystic methods before 8:00 AM.

Within fifteen minutes, the formation is produced, and I added it into the sheets. For the ink, I had used the best materials; the materials I used are really great that previously used materials could not be compared to it.


After checking the formation ink filling every ruin on the formation sheet, I sat on it before putting the stuff at respective places before finally starting the formation.

The formation started its magic, as it removed the extract from the materials. I watched the process for a minute before I closed my eyes and inserted my consciousness to the 1st chapter of the Eldritch Sword Art.

I do not want to waste any time, and I do not have to do anything other than watch formation do its job, I might as well make use of the time to comprehend some profundities of my Art.

Time passed, and I kept comprehending when suddenly, I felt something and opened my eyes to see every material in front of me disappeared, and formation had dried out.

'So soon?' I questioned, even though I am bust comprehending, I have a basic idea about time, and from my knowledge, the 4th level of Wolf Lords Armor should have taken one and a half hour to two hour to finish, but I don't think that much time has passed.

'F.u.c.k!' I couldn't help but curse when I saw the time, only forty-five minutes had passed since I activated the formation and it had already finished.

To be sure, I looked inside me and saw the wolf mark more pronounced and complicated than before float

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