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Chapter 994 - Conquered

Zup Zup…

A faint thunderous sound rang out as I moved toward each other with a speed that could only be said invisible. We are so fast that we have created shockwaves as we moved toward each other.

When I was halfway into the distance, reaching it, I swung my sword. This time my sword was not only glowing red, but it also had the blood-red mist covering it; that is the energy of my Domain, which I could utilize.

I am not the only one who is taking full advantage of the Domain, the Wendigo also had his hands covered but this time is not using the Grey Energy but the Ghosts. Yes, it has two Ghosts on both of its Claws.

These two Ghost on its Claws are different from the other Ghosts that are roaming in the domain; they are far more clear and feel very threatening as they snarl at me.

Its Claws and my sword moved closer to each, and I could feel everything and could even guess the terrifying power hidden in those claws.

Its Domain tried to interfere with my senses, tried to misguide me, but seeing how the specialty of my Domain lies in sensory abilities, how can it trick me.


Hun? Our sword clashed, and immense forces of our attack attacked each other, including the two Ghost of Claws that came at me, but strangely, the sound of our clash had been muted.

The clash had barely produced any sound; the sound felt like children are hitting thin metallic sticks against each other, not two terrifying attacks clashing against each other.

I would have thought about it more, but two Ghosts had come down from my sword, which considerably whittled away their power, but they still have more than 70% power remaining, and now they have touched my skin.


As they did, the Armor created suction, and to my surprise, these two Ghosts were able to resist the sucking for a moment before they got sucked inside, and when they were getting crushed by my Runic Armor, they produced enough resistance that shook the whole Runic Armor slightly.

Though the shake was tiny, these Ghosts were able to make my Armor shake is the testament of their power.

But I am not worried, my armor is not that weak that it will collapse by the power of the two measly Ghosts, even if the more powerful Ghost came it would not collapse.


Seeing its attack did not work, it roared in rage and attacked again with more powerful Ghosts at its claws, still there is no fear in me, I have utter confidence in my Armor that it will be able to bear whatever comes into my way.


It started to attack after attack after attack as if it went mad, and to my horror, each of its attacks was twice stronger than before.

Just a second ago, I had proudly declared that my Armor would not break even if it used stronger attacks than before, but now, seeing the speed, the power of its attacks is increasing and now I am not so sure about my Armor.

Currently, my Ru

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