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Chapter 995 - Eldritch Sword Art


Rang out throughout the disk, I felt happy hearing that, but I am too tired to properly enjoy it as I slumped on the floor tiredly, the last move taken too much out of me and not for a strain that Domain gives.

It felt extremely good to kill that Wendigo, it was a worthy opponent that had made go all out, use every move I had in my arsenal, such opponents are very difficult to find.

I looked around, earlier when I entered, I did not properly look around. I know I am on a thousand-Kilometer diameter disk covered in the forcefield, but when I found there are other disks too, floating at a distance like the stars in the sky.


I was busy counting on a tiny disk around me when the rune started to appear around me, and a few seconds later, a whole runic formation created around me, which lit and teleported me to the place I wanted to since I saw the Tower for the first time.

The darkness in front of me has disappeared, and I found myself in a big hall which is complete; there was no other color than the white, which felt really weird, and I needed a few seconds to adjust myself to all the weirdness.

When I adjusted a second later, I looked around and found there was nothing in the room except for palm Red Crystal floating up in the air. Seeing the red crystal, many things come to my mind.

"Treasure Crystal."

This red crystal is the signature of the Tower, those who conquest it get, I just have to touch it, and I will get my reward. I did waste any seeing the red crystal, I quickly got up and appeared right in front of it.

"Let it be a reward that is most suitable for me," I said and touched the ball. There are hundreds of things I wanted, but I am sure exactly what I want, so I wished Tower would give me the thing that will be most suitable for me.

For the first second of touching the crystal, nothing had happened, but the next second, I felt my thoughts slowing down, the process of thoughts slowing is way faster than when I touched the knowledge crystals.


I fell on the floor before I could sit properly and about to move to a comfortable position when that thought had also vanished from my mind, and I blanked, there is not a single thought in my mind, just a stream of knowledge that is imprinting on it.

Time passed by as I stayed in the thoughtless state before finally, thoughts started to form in my mind again. First thought formed then a second thought and then a third as such, I found my thought process increasing till it returned to normal.

"Eldritch Sword Art," I muttered, this name of Sword Art I've received. Yes, I have received an Art, a Sword Art at that as I read the information about it, the smile on my face became bigger and bigger as it is very suitable for me.

The name of the Art is Eldritch Sword Art; it is Sword Art, which is used with abilities.

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