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Chapter 1014 - Three Minutes Two Rules

Seeing the faint cracks slowly spreading, I know I will have to do something. Very soon some very tiny space particles will enter through the cracks, and I will have to survive against them.

The space particles will be extremely dangerous, but the danger will be mitigated through sufficient preparations.

If these space particles that came had been slightly bigger, I would not think about making preparations against them as I know they will be of no use.

The first thing I did was to take out a small green vial and unload it all the liquid into my mouth.

I did not drink it but kept it in my mouth at the same time, I started to circulate the Rule of Healing throughout my body, and as I will need it.

The cracks on the transparent runic shield continue spreading, and finally, I found some very tiny space particles came inside though the faint cracks.

These particles are very small, and I would not have noticed them if I did not keep my eyes on the cracks using my Killing Rule.

More and more particles started coming inside through the gaps before moving around the runic barrier that is covering me.


I took a sharp breath of pain as the particles entered my body, tearing through the protection of my clothes and methods as if they did not exist.

These space particles give pain like a very, very thin needle piercing through the body.

They entered my body and started to tear through it, but due to their tiny size, the damage they did to me is very tiny that my body's healing capability is more than enough to handle.

There few particles are not any danger to, even a hundred of them could be handled by my body alone due to their very tiny size and tiny injuries they create, but as these particles rose to thousands, they will create a terror.

And it will not take a long time for thousands of them to come to me, just a few seconds would be enough. As the cracks spread more and space particles started to come inside.

In just a few seconds, their numbers have reached a hundred, and now a few seconds, they have reached the thousands. I now needed to use my Healing Rule to heal the injuries as they appeared.

I could not let these injuries piled up, if they piled up in a certain amount, then I would be in the Grave danger. So, I started to circulate the killing Rule through every inch of me.


Few more seconds passed, and now the tens of thousands of invisible space particles have entered inside and I had to gulp down the healing potion I had been holding into my mouth to aid my killing Rule in healing.

Every space particle feels like a tiny needle and there are tens of thousands of tiny needles pricking through every part of my body.

It is very painful and uncomfortable sensation, which made one feel like to kill himself.

Still, this pain is not the world I had experienced but the one that could kill me, and as m

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