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Chapter 1013 - Flunging Into Space Sea

Everything turned blank in front of me before I found myself in a familiar space tunnel, I just have to spend a minute here before I reach the Warzone.

Time passed as I looked around without moving my limbs, it is inadvisable to make movement in the space tunnel, some mistakes could occur, and one could be flung away in chaotic space where one gets shredded in a moment by the space currents.

Crack Crack…

Fifty seconds passed by as such, and now I could reach the Warzone any moment when suddenly I felt a sharp pain on my wrist. When I looked at my wrist, I found the homing band was heating up and cracks began to form on it.

Seeing that horror couldn't help but well up on my face, I am clearly aware of what will happen if a malfunction occurred in the homing band, and that is why I desperately wish it would hold on till I reached the Warzone.


But it looked like luck was not on my side today as the cracks spread at the visible speed and suddenly a faint blasting sound rang out, and I was flung away from the tunnel and darkness enveloped me.

I'm dead!

That was the thought in mind when I was flung out of the tunnel, so one can imagine my surprise when I saw I am still alive and found myself floating in the space wave with transparent runic cover enveloping me.

'Protection Amulet!' I said in my mind as I looked at the Transparent Runic Screen that is covering me.

It is protecting against me dangerous space waves, which could tear me apart in a moment if I was with my fleshy body.

Horror had completely drawn on my face as I looked at the sea of space cracks which had formed the ocean of their own.

These space waves looked so beautiful like they have been hand made by the Gods, but they are utterly dangerous.

I have read about the terror of the space sea, it is extremely dangerous, and only the Emperor Stage or above powerhouse could travel through them, and even they need rare space type Artifact travel through space sea, as their bodies are not strong enough to bear the assault of the space waves.

I looked around with mirthless laughter as I am aware that I am good as dead, as soon as five minutes over and protection of the Amulet wore down, I am going to die.

The prospect of dying is fearful, and I don't want to think about it even for a moment, but even if I don't want to think about it, it is right in front of my eyes.

As long as shield is here, I am here as It disappeared, I would disappear too and that is very terrifying to me.

I looked at my hand where my Homing Band used to be; the way it exploded, it is very clear that it had been tinkered. Someone had intentionally tinkered with my homing band to kill me on the way home.

I did not have to think who it is as I know who the people who have tinkered with it are.

They are only ones that have power and connection to achieve something like this under the n

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