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Chapter 1005 - Making A Move

Four days passed by since I exited Tower, and now tensions are brimming between the two races openly.

Just an hour ago, I was disturbed by the Mid-Practice and was asked to solve the conflict between one human and Grimm Monster.

The tension is very close to reaching the breaking point, as the days leaving have to come.

We will leave this Ruin tomorrow or the day after that; we will know it after our homing bands turn green, it will sign that we will be teleported out in twelve hours.

Currently, there is no change in our Homing bands, but it will occur in the day, which I am sure of.

"Jen, we are closing the store," I said to Jen who was handling the customer, she was a little startled hearing it but nodded as she continued to serve the customers that are the line.

Seeing the bubbling tension, more than half of the Shops have already been closed, only about 40% of shops are opened, and those are also closing by the minutes, by tomorrow morning, I don't think there will be any shops present in the morning.

Soon, Jen finished with the customers, and we started cooking in silence. Usually, we cook after I come from the meeting but today is early dinner.

We finished cooking within an hour and finished eating in forty-five minutes.

The dinner had gone into silence, with we speaking barely more than one sentence as we all lost in our own thinking.

"Here, take this; it will help you in surviving the battle," I said as I gave her a storage pouch. "I can't accept it, they too much," Jen said while stretching the storage pouch back to me.

I've hired her for one Adamantine Level Artifact given by the Tower but what I've given her full Adamantine Set and something more.

"Take it, there is going to be a huge battle in a day, if something happened to you, your sister would not forgive me," I said to her.

She looked like she wanted to reject again, but seeing my expression, she did not do that.

"Thank You." She said emotionally after seconds of a break. She clearly understood how dangerous battle is going to be and how much those things inside the storage are going to help her.

"You should go back to camp quickly and use those things to increase your strength before the battle begins," I said she nodded before she came to hug me before she left the abode for the camp.

I stayed in adobe till 7:30 PM before I deactivated and walked toward the camp. When I looked at the Market, I saw it is emptier than I thought, people be it Grimm Monsters or humans are closing their shops rapidly and moving at their respective camps.

I was wrong earlier about not having shops by the Morning, seeing how rapidly everyone closed their shops, there won't be any shops in Market by midnight.

A few minutes later, I reached camp into the abode of Keira, where the conference room had gotten even bigger.

By 8:00 PM, when the meeting started, there were fourteen

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