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Chapter 996 - Protection Amulet

There are two people on both sides of me; one is Human while the other is the Grimm Monster and both of them are armed to the teeth, ready to fight if at moments notice.

They are guards, behind them are others from both races, seeing them I knew the conflict had not started. Seeing that, I couldn't help but heave a sigh of relief.

I would have really hated it if I had missed the Big Battle, it is such a great chance to fight the worthy enemy and collect the resources, especially now millions of people came out bringing huge loot.

I looked around, and as I had expected, both races have made camps; the Grimm Monsters are on the right while the Humans are the left, and space between them is being used as the market.

Seeing that, I walked forward without anyone stopping me. The camps are huge and both sides have millions of abodes, people could be seen everywhere, shopping from each other's stall. If I did not do any better, I would have thought the two races are acquaintances rather than mortal enemies.

It has been five days since the Tower hand opened, but people are still going inside the doves, which explains the huge population of both camps.

Chew Chew…

I was just walking through the market when I heard the familiar chirp and saw a blur coming at me before it landed on my shoulder. The silver is Ashlyn, and she is chirping and affectionately massaging her head to my cheek.

I am quite surprised seeing her do that, as being affectionate is not in the nature of Ashlyn, she is rarely this affectionate. "I missed you too," I said as I petted her. This was our longest separation since we bonded, she had never been away from me, more than a day.

'Chew Chew Chew…'

I was just about to ask her about when she returned and whether she had conquered the Tower, she had read my question without asking and started to tell me all about her.

She said she had returned two days ago after she Conquered the Tower. She said the tower was fun; not only she got to kill lots of Golems, but she had also killed lots of Grimm Monsters and took their stuff.

Though she said many things, she complained a little too, about me asking her to walk slowly in Tower, so that she could kill more Grimm Monsters and take their stuff, if not for that Ashlyn said she would not have needed even a day to Conquer the tower.

Hearing what she said, I became extremely ecstatic. It did not matter if she was not the first one to Conquer the Tower; her Conquering is more than enough. I wanted to ask her what she had received in reward, but I controlled myself and decided to ask after I set up abode.

With that thought, I walked out of the Market and walked toward a huge forcefield where humans have set up their abodes. The area of the Market is open, but the residential area is inside the forcefield.

Five days have passed since the Towers opened, which means there are now five to six day

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