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Chapter 1008 - Big Battle III

The White Crystal Apeman was too careless; it was also dependent on its powerful defensive ability that it had never expected that I would have an attack that would give me the ability to cut through its neck effortlessly.

To kill it, I had used three of my Mystic Methods in complete sync; three of them worked perfectly so that they did not give it a chance to survive.

"What an idiot! It's a good thing you have killed it." Said Aqua Apeman seeing the body of its friend disappeared into my storage.

"But since you have killed him, I have to kill you as revenge." It said calmly.

"Can you?" I said back with a smile before I appeared in front of it immediately and attacked. This attack is even more powerful than the one I used to kill its friend.

Seeing my attack, its faces became serious, and as it swung its Warhammer at me, which is producing the very dangerous amount of suppression that even former me who fought against the Wendigo would have been very suppressed under this attack.

It is not leaving any stones unturned as it finally started to use real power. It is not only using the power of its hammer but also using its own power too; I could clearly see dark blue runes on the hammer, which flowed from its hand.

For others, they may be very hard to distinguish, but for me, they are very easy to see, which is why I am not underestimating the attack of it even the smallest bit.


Ours clashed in the resounding metallic clash, and that produced a huge shockwave, and it released a suppression needle that shook my armor.

This faint shaking of my armor was easily seen by the Grimm Monsters as it retrieved it's Hammer back and attacked me with an even more powerful attack.

Seeing its powerful attack, I also whipped my sword at it, and like last time the blade of my sword was covered in a sandy reddish hue. I have coated with the energy of the Domain of Withering Sand.

Though the last three levels are domain specified, they could also be used as a normal attack, and I am using a bit of the power of it, to content against power weapons like this hammer.


We started to attack furiously, and each of our attacks is stronger than before. This Aqua Apeman is extremely strong, especially with that hammer of it, which is sending the suppressive needles at me.

That needle compressed with Suppressive Force and Inheritance energy of it that with each attack, the Armor of mine would shake even further.

If This continued, then in less than a minute, My Armor would crash.

I had expected mystic weapons to be powerful but not this powerful, my constitution top Grade 12 Constitution and had fire ability merged 44% in my source, not to forget my Armor had been refined by the 6th Floor of the Tower, but it is still barely able to contend against it.

This sword of strength would more than enough to kill the maximum of people wh

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